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Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself: I'm The New Telltale Games Community Manager

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Hey everyone, I'm Alan Johnson and I am the new Telltale Games Community Manager. I've been keeping an eye on the boards for the past few days (I started Monday morning) but wanted to hold off on posting until I made my first official post on the blog; that is up now. In it, I describe a little about my background and how I got here. So without further ado, I'll re-post my blog here, but you can also head over to the actual blog link (Here) to check it out.

So hi everyone! I can't wait to get to know you!


Let me start off by introducing myself - I’m Alan Johnson and I’m your new Community Manager here at Telltale Games.

I come to Telltale as a genuine fan of the company’s past releases (the entire run of Tales of Monkey Island being my favorite in the bunch); the finely crafted storytelling paired with the outright high quality of everything that gets released have made them irresistible to me. From downloading my first episode of Sam and Max and laughing during every minute of it to playing through Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People as a longtime fan of Homestar Runner and finding easter eggs around every corner, Telltale has never failed to deliver. Getting the opportunity to work alongside a team that has put together some of my favorite games is an absolute treat.

Outside of work, I do actually love video games, a lot. From fighting games, to shooters, to RTS, to whatever, I enjoy any and all genres. I come to you fresh from my time at where I was Associate Editor of their game cheats and strategy guide site, Just because I was based in cheats doesn’t mean I didn’t get my hands dirty with everything else under the 1UP sun; I was always busy writing a blog here, previewing a game there, or talking with the 1UP community on the weekly Game Night video show. I also recorded the at1UP podcast every week with the very talented Mike Cruz, Jade Kraus, and Travis Williams, where we would nerd out about everything from answering the question of who would win in a fight between Hawkman (the DC Comics superhero) and Robo-Cop to our love for Transformers characters Rumble and Frenzy.

I join Telltale Games as we prepare to unleash two games that I am personally extremely excited for through a partnership with NBC Universal, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. Both film franchises rank among my most favorites and I’ve already seen so much cool stuff related to both games that I can’t wait to share with you all. Trust me, you’re going to dig these games!

As well as nurturing our already wonderfully rich community and working to make our blog and boards the ‘end all be all’ for the latest on your favorite Telltale games past, present, and future, I look forward to really growing the community’s scope and getting the word out on how awesome Telltale’s games really are (as you already know) to the uninitiated masses. We’ve got some very cool stuff ahead, going into PAX and beyond, that will get you as stoked as it’s gotten me.

As your community manager I want to make myself as available as possible to all of you, to talk about Telltale, video games in general, comics, whatever. You can follow Telltale Games on Twitter as per usual at @telltalegames , PM me at ‘ajohnson’ on the Telltale Forums, or comment in blogs and the forums where I’ll respond to you directly. Stay tuned to our community blog or, of course, you can always get your up to the minute Telltale news through at these locations as well:

Facebook: The Official Telltale Games Page
YouTube: Telltale Games’ Channel

I look forward getting to know you all (as many of you as I can at least) and serving you, the mighty Telltale community, to the best of my ability!
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