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episode 4 sound problems

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i recently downloaded sam and max episode 4 onto my new vista ultimate laptop and i am having sound problems where by the sound speech music and fx all exist but have a horrible crackling sound on top of them

thanks for any help you can give me

patrick carter
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  • Did you have this problem with any of the other episodes?

    Can you download the most recent drivers for your sound card? What kind of sound card is it?
  • conexant hi def audio other than sound problems it runs perfectly at full settings.

    device manager says that the best available driver is installed. i have downloaded the other episodes to my laptop and they seem to be working fine but i played through the first 3 on my home pc (where the download manager didnt like my set up) and i want to play them in order.

    any chance this problem will be absent on the disc when i get it.
  • This is probably some kind of conflict between the game engine and your setup, so it will probably be present in the disc version, too.

    I don't know what else to suggest for the sound problem (sorry :(), but if you want to redownload episode 4 onto a different computer, you can do so by looking up your order here, or if you have trouble with the download manager, by using the alternate link here. If you have it working on one computer already, then playing episode 4 on that machine might be the easiest solution.
  • i've finished playing through it now the problem was mainly in the white house section of the game. i used the download links on my old home pc and they only worked half or less of the time it was not due to you (pcs fault) oh well its not your fault

    and i got my email disc shipping confirmation today so im happy
  • Well, this is most definately caused by poorly written drivers for your sound card. I'm not really surprised either, because Vista is still quite new and many companies aren't exactly burning their tires to write solid drivers for it.

    You have 6 major options;

    1) Wait and see if the problem goes away with the DVD version of Season 1.
    2) Look for newer/better sound drivers.
    3) Buy a new sound card.
    4) Live with the crackling audio.
    5) Install Windows XP.
    6) Wait and hope that Telltale finds a bug in the game that is causing it. (Probably not what's at fault anyway.).

    Also, if you are using external speakers, make sure your speaker wires aren't shorting and that the speaker jacks are in all the way.
  • im not going to reinstall xp as i have had so many problems with that os (mainly having to clean install 3 times in a week) wish oses worked as well as the old amigas and i quite like how vista runs. im not ready to upgrade this laptop yet as it is a pretty good setup for a laptop(nvidea geforce go 7400, core 2 duo 5200,etc). i also run it through my sony hifis audio in or the internal speakers if in not in my room. so im going to live with it (or mute it and make it an old school floppy disc game with better graphics)
  • Same things happens on my pc with XP
  • just turn off sound effects, not all sound
  • mine affected both vocals and music and i tried everything but i learnt to live with it
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