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Nooooo! De Signe! :(

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Was anyone else disappointed to see de Singe gone? He was one of the most ..original.. characters in Monkey Island in over a decade, and would've made an excellent addition to the series as a regular like the Threepwoods, LeChuck, Miss Voodoo, Stan and Murray.

The fact that he wasn't (or didn't think that he was) French only added to the potential for more hilarity :D

It was a serious letdown to see that annoying Morgan kept alive (when ironically her character would've been redeemed a lot much more if she stayed dead) and not de Singe who could've given old LeChuck a run for his doubloons if any of his plans succeeded, nevermind a much-needed contrast of "science" against all that voodoo that keeps coming up in the series.

I would rather be in dread of running into one of de Singe's labs again in a later game instead of having to see LeFlay's squeaking face one more time.

..besides, he reminded me of Dr. Fred Edison - where everything all began in the first place ;) if you know what I mean.
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