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Why I love Telltale Games!

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 781 users
[*]Excellent customer support![/LIST]These guys actually respond to our problems every single day of the week, and they do it well! None of this automated stuff that doesn't help -- they actually know what they are talking about.

2. They listen to their customers!

When we wanted different lines recorded in the Sam and Max episodes, what did they give us? Exactly that! When we wanted a poster print of the DVD cover, what did they give us! Exactly that! Unlike a lot of companies that don't actually care what the people think as long as they make money, Telltale listens!

3. They talk to their customers!

The fact that they keep a blog telling us what they are up to at stuff like Comic-Con is really interesting and makes you feel like one big, happy family! ;)

4. Episodes in games

People were sceptic about the episodic style, but Telltale pulled it off extremely well and I support the idea. Instead of long gaps between games, you get them every month or so which really fullfills your need for the games.

5. Sam and Max

'nuff said. Come on LucasArts, sell Monkey Island rights to Telltale...
note to telltale: I'm not sure if Monkey Island would work in episodic format... but y'never know!

There is much more, I just haven't mentioned it/can't think of it at 10:15pm! Three cheers to Telltale!

P.S. Post here what you love about Telltale! :D
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  • Well, they make adventure games. I like adventure games, hence I like TTG. It's quite simple, really.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with #1. Emily and the gang are incredible! Absolutely the best (and fastest) customer support I have ever seen!
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    *The people (I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of them). :)

    *Making games that are fun and fit with my lifestyle.
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    Squinky Telltale Alumni
    They let me intern with them!
  • 1) I love adventure games and Telltale make great adventure games.

    2) Customer Service: Best customer service I'll ever seen. They are awesome.

    3) It's pretty obvious that the people at Telltale love adventure games and it shows.

    4) Have I mentioned that the people at Telltale are awesome? Talented too.

    Seriously, what's not to love?
  • They saved sam & max :)
  • 1. All the reasons mentioned above.
    2. For hosting a strangely addictive forum
    3. For actually participating in said forum
    4. For blurring the line between the hardcore and casual game markets
    5. For admitting when one of their products has a floible*, and being open to suggestions on how to fix it (VERY rare company trait)

    *And for giving me the opportunity to say "floible". A rare treat indeed.
  • The way they go above and beyond the call of duty again and again. From attending to the forum and site in their off hours to arranging an early release for episode 4 out of the blue, from giving out deluxe bonus dvd's for free to stuffing hundreds of case files in every wee bit of time they can scrounge up, Telltale always goes that extra mile doing awesome things noone asked or even dared to hope for.
  • What I like about Telltale -

    - Great customer support, friendly and nice people
    - adventure games which are sorely needed in this day and age
    - their writers (well the ones working on Sam & Max at least) have a good sense of humor
    - Sam & Max.. I love those characters and the episodes are overall good
    - their games are point & click (BIG plus)

    What I don't like about Telltale -

    - games are 3D.. I still prefer great 2D art in adventure games
    - games are too easy, however they seem to be on the right track with the more recent Sam & Max eps
    - they've made a few games I don't care for (CSI, first Bone episode and that little card game)
    - online activation but this goes for all online game companies so this is not a specific complaint towards Telltale.. and besides, they removed it in favor of CD checks on the Sam & Max disc which is AWESOME!
  • Armakuni:
    I also love 2d gameplay, I love any good adventure game, but I miss the look of 2d cartoon style games like CMI and Space Quest 6.

    Also I love telltale because I had spent so long looking for news on my favorite adventure games, and then we were finally given news about Sam and Max Freelance Police, and it was snatched away from us, then one day I stumbled upon a story about Telltale doing Sam and Max, it was the happiest day in my gaming life, yes even happier than the day when we got our first CD-ROM drive and it came with a free copy of Monkey Island, the game that made me fall in love with adventure games.
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