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MAX Sketchcard

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Hey guys, the company i make sketchcards for (5finity) invited its artists to create a few sketchcards each for a charity fund raiser event called "March of Dimes" and we where able to create any characters we wanted.

SO, i made "MAX" in one of my sketchcards.

Here is the link for the Ebay Auction for it, if you want to bid, remember it's for charity. (LINK)

The sketchcards are 2.5" x 3.5" (5x7cm) in size and you will get the original piece of art work.

If you also like any of the other 4 characters next to Max, you can bid for them individually at these liniks:
.-Harley Quinn
.-Lady Death

And you can also see the whole list of artists/cards in auction if you are a collector or if you want to help with the charity event HERE
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