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Your absolute first encounter with Monkey Island (tm)

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People discover new games all the time. Games they've never heard of or played before. What was your first encounter with Monkey Island (tm) like? How did it happen, and what was your first impression?

My first encounter with Monkey Island (tm) was thanks to my older brother. He wasn't the computer nerd in the house, his hobby was music. But he did enjoy playing games occasionally on my Amiga (and earlier, the C64).

Not long after I got my first Amiga, I had enough money for a memory upgrade (1 mb of ram in total!). Before that I had to rely on games that didn't require that amount of memory (to be fair, that was quite a few). One of the main reasons for the extra memory was so that I could play Elvira - Mistress of the Dark. Anyway, one day, my brother mentioned Monkey Island. He said he's heard of it and that it's supposed to be good. Well, it was one of the first games I got (along with Elvira) from my "contact".

Unfortunately, I don't remember the first time I booted it up, but I'm fairly sure it was quite soon after. I was very eager to test everything I brought home. It was also very rare that I got hooked on a game, but it was a genre I was starting to fall in love with, and Monkey Island was one of the greatest. After that I searched high and low for new adventure games - and although I loved many of them, few of them came close to monkey Island. Ever since I first played Monkey Island, I've been a fan of the games, and stuck with it through thick and thin. My memory of my first encounter of the rest of the games in the series are much clearer. I might write about those later, in this post.

What's your first enouncter with Monkey Island like?
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  • I think it was 1991 for me too, specifically at Xmas when we were visiting relatives. One of my older cousins had an Amiga 500, and I remember sitting watching him playing SoMI and being quite taken by the fact that the Swordmaster of Melee Island was actually a girl. For a ten year-old tomboy, that was awesome. GIRLS KICK ASS TOO.

    I didn't actually get my own copy of the game until the following Xmas when I got an Amiga 600, as I remember I got both SoMI and LCR at the same time, but I played SoMI much more. Partly because LCR was on 12 disks that had to be swapped in and out constantly while SoMI was only on 4, but mostly because I was shit-scared of Zombie LeChuck. Especially the bit where he corners you in the elevator. *shudders*
  • I vaguely remember that my husband got a demo of CMI, about 10 years ago, which probably came with a PC magazine. A few years later, he found the game in a store for NZ$29.90. He bought it and we immediately started playing. We loved it so much that we wanted EMI as well, but our computer didn't have 3D acceelerator, so we bought a new video card and EMI. Again, we loved it so much that we wanted to play SMI and MI LR, so we bought MI complete collection even though we already owned CMI and EMI. Again, we loved them so much, we wanted more, but it never happened. When we found a new MI game(TMI), we couldn't buy it straight away, because it wa a degital download only and we didn't have broadband and our computer didn't meet spec to play it. After we bought a new PC and connected to the broadband, finally we were able to buy TMI. I really hope that we'll have a new MI game in very near future, so we don't have to buy a new PC again.
  • Approximately 1994. Same time as we got our first CD-ROM drive and LOOM™, both on CD. Both amazing, incredible games. :cool:
  • 2009, TSOMI:SE on Xbox 360.
  • My older brother was playing Curse of Monkey Island and I loved to watch, I thought it was like watching a fun cartoon. :)
  • 2009 (2008?) with Efmi. then I played all the other MI games :D
  • It must have been about 2002 or 2003. I rented Escape because I saw it was in my video rental store (they also did games for a while). I rented it a few times and played it on and off. Then, I think it was about a year later, I bought it and finished it. I've kept it ever since so I must have liked it at the time and I was meaning to play it again until I finally did recently. I've played through the entire series at some time or another since I bought it all that time ago...
  • It had been a full year since I completed Grim Fandango and I wanted more, so I went to store and saw Escape with the LucasArts logo. I'm so glad I bought it.

    I still like Grim Fandango better, though.
  • Early 90s....probably 91. I was probably watching my dad play it.
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