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I seem to have ben charged twice.

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Hello. A few days ago, I purchased Sam and Max Season 1 along with the CD and Case File. Culture Shock was wonderful, by the way. Oh, my order number is 5562986500.

I was looking at my bank account today, since I've been spending quite a bit of money lately (Girlfriend's, Dad's, and Mom's birthday all in the same month. Sheesh!), and discovered something very not good.

I have a 35 dollar charge, which I assume is for Season one of Sam and Max. I also have a charge for 46 dollars from Digital River. YIKES. So, basically, I seem to have been charged twice for Season 1. The 46 dollars is what my invoice says, for all three items. Money is kinda tight at the moment, please help me. Here's what my bank statement says:

08/03/2007 Purchase PURCHASE DR *Telltale Games 08/02 $34.95
08/02/2007 5734 DR *DIGITALRIVER.COM $46.99

Both purchases are definitely being counted against my total funds. :confused:
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  • Could you contact your bank/credit card company and ask if the $46.99 is a charge or an authorization?

    From what I can tell, your card was initially authorized for $46.99 (the total amount of the purchase, including shipping and the price of the case file). Since the case file isn't available yet, the physical merchandise has been held back and you haven't been charged for that yet, so you were only charged $34.95 for the digital downloads of Season One. The remaining amount will be charged when your merchandise ships. When I look up your order I do see the authorization for $46.99 on Aug 1 but it's showing that we have only collected $34.95, on August 2.

    I'm pretty sure if I ask Digital River about this they'll tell me the $46.99 is only an authorization and that it will disappear from the statement within a few days, which is why it would be helpful if you could first contact your bank and ask them whether the $46.99 really is a charge, or if it's an authorization that looks like a charge. If your bank responds that you have been charged $46.99 AND $34.95, I can take this info to Digital River and get them to fix it.
  • Ok, it disappeared. My bank was just being stupid. My money is back now!
  • Glad it was nothing to worry about. :)
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