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So, anyone else surprised that TTG got beaten to the punch here?

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I don't know if any of you guys have played Blue Toad Mystery Files, but it is a funny, episodic puzzle based game with cartoonish characters that even look like they are from the TTEngine. Playing it, I am surprised it isn't by them, since it seems so much to me like the type of puzzle game TTG would make if they made one (much more so than Puzzle Agent.)
I liked Puzzle Agent quite a lot, but I think that anyone who likes TTG and also puzzle games needs to play Blue Toad, though it is PS3 exclusive.

Is anyone else surprised that TTG didn't do it first?
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  • ShotgunStalker;368419 said:
    Superior marketplace!
    Just curious, but in what way is it superior? I've used both and easily favor PSN Store simply because they don't use a ridiculous currency system.
  • For one, (ignoring the 360s much larger and better selection of content) the organization to finding any said piece of software has been better. On my PS3, it typically took much longer to sift through the product line than all the organization options I have on my Xbox 360. Nowadays, they've made improvements to that, but I think they buried the easier-to-access organization methods in Live behind other menus.

    If you get and download any software on the 360, it downloads quickly and the moment it downloads, you can run it right away. On the PS3, you spend just as much if not longer to download the software (for the same file size). (And it's always taken longer on my PS3 for the same file size) but you aren't done. Afterwards, you got to click the item and wait for it to install everything and then you can play it.

    For me, I do fine both systems are ok. But the online experience is not even a contest. With 360, everything is integrated to a continuous online experience. On the PS3, the online experience is separated by app. It's like you have one type of online connectivity while you're on the PS3 dashboard, which is separate from any one single app, which has it's own connectivity, which is unlike another app. It's like a frankenstein patch job of connect protocols that surprisingly isn't a total trainwreck.

    Then I've had my share of issues from downloads that fail partially while downloading on the PS3, though it's been getting better lately. It's painful given how long these downloads seem to take.

    The Voice Chat experience is also horrible on the PS3. I swear, I've had more issues with just the regular chat with one person, than to chat with the same person in Party Chat (plus a few others) on XBL. And this test is for the same two people, both with both systems, from the same houses, using the same Wi-fi communication to communicate.

    Many of these can be fixed with patches and system updates (the ones that supposedly add or improve features instead of concentrating on how to remove features). Though I still think PSN should really think on how to redesign their network to allow better simultaneous streams, which currently cripples their capabilities compare to the competition.

    Best part, though. All the important online features for PS3 is free. And if SONY truly steps up their game with Good and useful system updates, they could potentially trip Live up right at the right time. Bad part is nobody ever seems to buy a mic for the system and expect you to reach for a keyboard while you're playing a high speed competitive tactical action game that uses 2 hands constantly. Even PC users wouldn't restrict themselves to that.
  • The reason Sony downloads take longer and you need to install them is because of their encryption. They don't want anyone to easily be able to hack PSN games (like you can with the XBL) so they encrypt them to make it harder for people.

    And PS3's market place is very easy to use.
    Also, I see no point in complaining about XBL VS PSN's connection. This is because both are basically servers that point you to other servers that do nothing but put up local matches. Yes, I've had lag with PSN. I've also had lag with XBL because both put on local hosted. Like SFIV. When you connect, you're connecting to the SF4 connection server then when you're in a fight it's just a local hosted match. You or the other person are hosting and there's no severs. Same goes for when I play BlazBlue. Some games do have actual servers, and then it depends on the server load. Like I've seen some Laggy MAG matches and some no lag what so ever. For XBL, other then Phantasy Star or other MMO's I don't know what uses servers. I think Halo did, and I remember some very laggy Halo matches and some non-laggy ones.

    But the point is, with XBL you're paying to have local hosted matches. Yes you do get better connection (in Amurica and some European countries) this is because more people use the Xbox thant he PS3. So you're more then likely to be matched with someone, to a party, with people near you. If the PS3 had just as many users you'd see the same exact ratio of bad connections to good ones. Like my brother in law's Xbox always lagged with his games. I'd go and play the same games on my PS3 and get no lag, he'd ask why and I explained this to him. It all depends on who's playing in your area at the time, basically.

    Also as someone who uses the voice chat often I've never had a problem. I'd had some people with shitty mics try to speak, and it sounds bad, or people ruin it with the voice equilizer, but nothing bad. My mic sounds great going through and it's a $20 PS2 mic. I've had conversations with rooms full of people during BB matches, and Resistance. Along with Fat Princess and Lord of the Rings Conquest. Then again, I've had bad mic times with all those games aswell. XBL has the advantage of having a standard for mics. So, everyone has to have the same mic so everyone sounds the same (and Mircrosoft makes more money). Sony lets you choose your mic. Some people cheap out and get what they pay for, some don't. Like my friend just uses his Beatles RB mic to talk online to me with PC games and PS3. Sounds amazing due to it.
  • Thus why I compared the connection quality to the same exact people. I wasn't using a test against different users. Just ones that are on my friends list for both PS3 and Xbox360, with both units in the same houses, using the same connections.
  • I've honestly never had trouble with my PSN connection, in the many hours of Resistance 1 and 2 I've played online, nor the voice chat when I played Resident Evil 5 co-op online with several different friends in several different states. I have literally never had an experience where I've lagged to the point of it being unplayable on PS3. I have, however, had HUNDREDS of matches of both Halo 2 and 3 that were quite literally unplayable due to the sheer lag. (Kind of hard to shoot people when they're lagporting around every other second :p)
  • Weird, could be a system screw up or something, I know some PS3's didn't have good wireless cards. Also, when you run so manythings going on the internet at once some get more bandwith than the others, so it causes lag. Like my brother and I whenplaying TF2 or L4D on PC. I get a better ping them him always. I'll be at like 23 he'll be at like 79. He's just a room away from me and the broadband point is in his room, not mine. And no, I don't run my internet through the cable plug-ins as most don't either, actually. I use digital cable so it has to run through a modem now, as do a lot of people with the internet. (this is to debate who said internet port next to TV) I barely see anyone still use old cable or DSL systems.
  • Elvenmonk;369848 said:
    And no, I don't run my internet through the cable plug-ins as most don't either, actually. I use digital cable so it has to run through a modem now, as do a lot of people with the internet. (this is to debate who said internet port next to TV) I barely see anyone still use old cable or DSL systems.
    Not to mention most people don't have their desktop PC in the same room as their TV, and would rather put the modem/router near their PC rather than buy and install a wireless card.
  • That too. How my brother is. Modem's in his room so I need to go wireless.
  • The reason XBL is better than PSN from a technical objective standpoint is because MS runs their own servers, whereas the PSN is really an amalgamation of crappy servers that either Sony charges companies to use or third party servers provided by the companies that are either good or crap depending on the company (and if Infinity Ward is having trouble with third-party servers than it really is an issue.) Not to mention PSN servers are constantly going down to issues and for updates, whereas XBL went down once to add those 3d avatars.
  • The PSN logon service goes down for major overhauls to fix servers. And? The fact they fix servers is good. If a server is buggy MS turns it off. Also, there's no difference in the PSN and XBL servers. If a game uses a 3rd party server on PS3 it uses one on Xbox. Only MS or Sony made games get their servers often. And Sony's official game servers I've never had a problem with.
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