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Sam and Max The City That Dares Not Sleep

posted by Akkml on - last edited - Viewed by 6.1K users
Okay I got featherly to lay the egg and have corndogs, however i am unable to get satan to go away so i can get the vegetable oil anyone have any ideas?
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  • Oh sorry for the trouble, but thanks for helping!
  • I cant figure out how to turn COPS around...
  • I almost cried at the ending, it's soooo sad :(
    But at the end it was a little funny
  • hi, i figured out how to get the egg from mr featherly and have got into giant max, also i've got his legs to work, i'm now stuck on getting his arms to work, i know astral projection has something to do with the solution but i can't access max's powers, also i can't go into the arm room, i also need flaming max's help but have no idea what to do, some help would be appreciated, usually i would use a walkthrough to help me out a bit but none exist yet
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