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305 - The ant farm

posted by Planeforger on - last edited - Viewed by 808 users
I'm totally stuck on this ant farm puzzle (for the first time in the season), and it's getting slightly frustrating.

I realise that I have to somehow get the ant farm down from the top shelf, and that it might require performing some actions beforehand using the two rhinoplasty options in the room (the cactus and the little cart thing), yet I can't seem to manage to get any further than that.

Ramming the shelf as the cart alternates between two 'this isn't working' cutscenes, and I can't seem to find anything at all that I can do as the cactus. Turning on the hints just told me the obvious, and I don't seem to have anything in my inventory which can help.

What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :confused:
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  • Thanks for the speedy response. I'll give it a shot. ;)
  • (sorry to hijack your thread, this is relevant) I knocked it down and now I don't know what to do. After I did so I got a bug where I couldn't use any controls, so I reloaded. It's not on the floor or anything, it just disappeared after the cutscene where the roach crawled out of it.

    EDIT: nevermind, duh-huh :P
  • first of all you need to hit it on the right hand corner, second sam vacuums up the roach, so just use the lift then go in your inventory, the roach will be there
  • It's kind of a cheap puzzle, having to hit it thrice.

    Not nearly as bad as Runaway's "fill the boiler 5x with water before it works" though.
  • And that's not as bad as the "Dance Monkey Dance" trophy in Tales of Monkey Island 5... you have to repeat an action 8 times with no variation in response...
  • I am pretty sure it's 52 times actually, wasn't it?
    There is also the 9x hitting the dispenser in 304.

    However all of these are side-gags, not required puzzles, so they aren't really comparable.
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