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Am i the only one who uses walkthroughs for this game?

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I have played all three seasons of sam and max and i didn't finish one, not even one episode without using the walkthrough at least once (okay, three or four times)

I am the only one?
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  • I needed a walkthrough for 302. Don't feel bad, what's easy for someone may be hard for another.
  • I did that with old school adventure games. Didn't even understand what you were supposed to be doing at the beginning of the first Sam & Max (Not Telltale's Sam & Max)

    Whether it's because newer adventure games have gotten easier, or, god forbid, I've gotten smarter is... well... beside the point. Though I have been known, in the earlier seasons, to dabble into the Hint System once or twice.

    Season 3 I didn't have to though. Mostly because Future Vision was a Hint in itself. In all reality I think it's just better puzzle design. Not too obscure, but not obvious. Telltale has hit a fine median with all of their series.
  • I always get stumped at least 3 times per game. Right now I'm trying to figure out if the record that makes Max shake has anything to do with knocking the roach farm off the shelf.
  • The older games I've had to look up stuff sometimes because older games tend to the "make it as nonsensical as possible" logic so that its more "fun" and not easily solved.

    Season 3 (and other newer games of this genre) have grown up and tend to a more logical puzzle form which is nice and makes the puzzles that much easier if you are a logically minded person; but also more fun because you're not left thinking why the heck did I need x to do y?
  • I've never used a walkthrough, but then I'm an old school adventure gamer and the logic here isn't nearly as crazy as some other games (Have I ever seen held than 5 items at a time in S&M?). Plus they have huge hint signs practically shoving the answer in your face sometimes. What really annoys me sometimes is when the hints are pointing in a certain direction, and it's obvious what I need to do, but none of the hints will point to how I do it and it takes a while and some experimenting before I can figure it out.
  • I've needed walkthroughs for a lot of games except 305.

    Because there wasnt one.
  • Well... Sam & Max is the first game where I never cheated or use Hints! (during the three seasons) I remember being stuck on the 202, but that's all. I've cheated for the three Runaway games though. All game long. And for the first chapter of Monkey Island 1. And I'm stuck on S&M:HtR but I'm trying to do it without any hints. That's because the puzzles on TellTale's Sam & Max are way more logical than in the other adventure games, even if the Sam & Max Universe is ruled by nonsense.
  • I was stuck a few times in Seasons 1 and 2, but never in Season 3. I thought everything seemed to be more logical in TDP so I never really got stuck.
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