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Sam and Max The City That Dares Not Sleep

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Okay I got featherly to lay the egg and have corndogs, however i am unable to get satan to go away so i can get the vegetable oil anyone have any ideas?
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  • i worked out most of what you told me to do before i came back here, now i'm trying to find the block with the skyscraper tower, i can't seem to find it no matter how much i walk around as giant max
  • where is the block with the skyscraper tower, i already worked out the rest, now i can't seem to find it
  • i found it and i've completed it now, the ending is pretty sad, but also good at the same time, if you watch it right till the end
  • [Act Three Related]

    [SPOILER]How many memories are there supposed to be?

    I've collected 5 so far, but there seems to be room for one more??[/SPOILER]
  • How do I complete the segment on Skunkape's ship?
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