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Sam and Max The City That Dares Not Sleep

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Okay I got featherly to lay the egg and have corndogs, however i am unable to get satan to go away so i can get the vegetable oil anyone have any ideas?
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  • blahdiddy2003;370663 said:
    I'm having trouble finding that last location
    You can only obtain that memory after learning where Skunkape is.
  • The recording does work with the bear without shooting flaming max, i thought i had to shoot the flaming max because of this forum, when i played it again after completing it all i did was play the bear record and after max cried i escaped through the tear ducts with everyone else.
  • i figured it out now and have completed it twice, all you need to do is make everyone not pay attention to mr featherly and do it the order by the time they'll be occupied, the cops do a virus scan for about a minute and momma bosco is occupied when papierwaite and dr norrington leave for their dimension for 15 seconds, then its superball who turns around for 5 seconds, i never knew mr featherly would automatically lay the egg, i thought you needed to talk to him again afterwards which is why it took me so long the first time
  • Okay I am currently in Max's brain and we need to find a way to rescue Sybil, I opened the tear duct and I had shot the flaming Max like everyone had said however I remain unable to make him cry and get out. Any help would be appreciated.
  • shooting the flaming max is not the solution, playing the bear record is, cause all you need to do, after destroying the tentacle, is open the tear duct, use the bear record on the record player, then everything shakes cause max is crying, then just escape through the tear duct
  • Never mind I found the record player and finished it
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