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Sam and Max The City That Dares Not Sleep

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Okay I got featherly to lay the egg and have corndogs, however i am unable to get satan to go away so i can get the vegetable oil anyone have any ideas?
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  • How do I get Sal to the arms area? :confused:
  • Me too, someone mentioned the room filling with radiation. How does this happen?
  • Everyone, please accept my apologies for the comments posted in my behalf BY MY SON! He and I were playing the game together as usual, but I had to leave and he apparently got stuck and started posting on here. He is very young and I need to sit down with him and teach him a few lessons on forum etiquette. I am SO sorry if he offended you, mysterybowler. I should have made sure that I was logged out so that he could not post. I have learned a HUGE lesson in parental supervision today. Sorry...
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