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Official Nintendo Magazine Covers

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 512 users
Hi guys.

In the Official Nintendo Magazine (over here in the UK), they run a monthly competition ('cept there isn't any prizes) where you can design a front cover and they might display it along with five others in the 'Website' section of their magazine. It isn't like a big feature or anything, but it is nice to get your work into a magazine, eh?

ANYWAY, I've submitted three banners. One of them is Need for Speed, one of them is a Gamecube cover and one of them is a Sam and Max cover. I'm hoping my S&M cover will be one of the winners, because if people see it in the magazine it might get them interested... right?!

Because this is a Nintendo magazine, I had to put about it being on the Wii and stuff. Here's the cover I submitted:


It's not the best thing in the world, since I'm not very good at image programs and stuff, but I gave it a shot.

I'll let you know if my cover gets in. :)
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  • Jake;37063 said:
    Ah ok! Thought it was supposed to be cover compositions specifically for upcoming games or something!

    The amount of people who came up to our booth at Comic-Con and said, after sort of slyly sidling up to the table, "so... I hear this is coming out for the 360?" or "I read that you guys are doing a release on WiiWare" was pretty ridiculous. It was sad to tell them that they were mistaken and we'd only *like* to do those games, and that it would be super awesome... but sadly not actually happening at this exact moment in time. The amount of rumor and misinformation out there is surprising, so I try to be on the watch for confused people!
    That's all Emily's fault :p
  • My favorite was the guy who walked up and informed us that Sam & Max is being ported to the 360. When I told him that no, it actually isn't right now, he said, "Yes it is, I read it on the internet." :p
  • I think That's cool! I like making fake things too, here's what I did, I'm not entering them in th competition, I already a member on more Forums than I can keep track of.

    Two Games I would seriously KILL for.


  • Zeek;37056 said:
    OH, the puns just write themselves, don't they?:D

    As far as the design of the cover goes, it's a bit uneven. *WARNING! DESIGNER MODE ACTIVATED*

    For starters, your title font is lost in the background of the image. You can barely make out the Nintendo products above the title of the magazine. Darkening that area will fix it, but only enough to see the text.

    The font for Sam & Max also looks washed out, and the fact that it is in a hard center align and on the bottom of the image doesn't balance very well visually. With all that dead space under Sam's mug, you could easliy fit a block of text there to balance out the cover, as well as advertise other content inside the magazine. With the right amount of text, that hard bottom center title block will ease up in visual weight.

    The Max icon over the O is very tacky and could have been left out.

    As far as Sam? Either put him over the magazine's title logo or not. You can't really get away with having his hat be behind it and his gun in front without it looking very strange. I know what you are trying to do here, but it just doesn't work at all here.


    Um. I know, I know. :D It's not exactly a work of art because I'm not really good on art programs or whatever.

    Oh, and the official covers hardly ever feature text, but if they do it is a minimal amount. Examples:

    *shrugs* I know it isn't a work of art - I tried, though! :D
  • I must have confused Nintendo Mag with Gampro. Silly me!
  • Whatever happened to Nintendo Power?
  • You guys should release them on the Wii though. Please? I'll bake you a cake. And I won't put any knives in it this time.

    Oh, and back on topic. I really like the submission, though I would change the text. It's a little on the ugly side. Everything else looks quite good. :)
  • Wolfrider;37123 said:
    You guys should release them on the Wii though. Please? I'll bake you a cake. And I won't put any knives in it this time.
    don't forget the ketchup
  • xChri5x;37122 said:
    Whatever happened to Nintendo Power?

    That's the American magazine. :)
  • Apologies for double posting and bumping, but I've just got the latest issue of the magazine, and although my cover didn't make it, the following letter from Grant Barter did:

    I'm a little suprised and disappointed that there is a distinct lack of point-and-click adventure games in the pipline for the Wii. With the exception of Zack and Wiki, it seems the genre is being ignord. Is a Monkey Island collection or the new Sam & Max episodes for Wii really that much to ask?
    It certainly seems a natural fit. The chances of LucasArts giving you what you want is pretty slim but, thankfully, the new Sam & Max games are being done by someone else which means it could happen. Not will, for sure, but definitely could. Hey, we know we'd buy them.

    There is also a picture of Abe Lincoln Must Die! with the caption: Sam & Max for the Wii? We'd love to see it but there's no sign of it right now.

    I would have posted this in a Sam & Max Wii thread, but I can't find one. Just thought I'd let you know!
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