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Strong Bad in a week!

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Hello Strong Badians!
Just like my recent activity on the Sam & Max forum (Sam & Max in a month), I've now decided to do the same with Strong Bad. It's not a race, it's just a playthrough. But the difference between Strong Bad and Sam & Max. I haven't played Strong Bad yet! It's gonna be a first time playthrough for me and I'd love to be able to share it with you guys.

I'm gonna be streaming all five episodes of SBCG4AP over the course of the next weeks Monday to Friday. Starting times may vary, but I expect to start them all around 6:30PM GMT (UK time, around 1:30PM in America, I think...)

Anyway, here's the proposed schedule:
Homestar Ruiner - Monday 23rd August - 6:30PM GMT
Strong Badia The Free - Tuesday 24th August - 6:30PM GMT
Baddest of the Bands - Wednesday 25th August - 6:30PM GMT
Dangeresque 3 - Wednesday 25th August/Thursday 26th August - 6:30PM GMT
8-Bit is Enough - Thursday 26th August - 6:30PM GMT

If you think you can handle my style of streaming Strong Bad, join in the chat on Monday for a week of Strong Bad awesomeness!

See you there, or see you...just see you there.
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