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Problem with Devil's Playhouse Purchase

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Dear Telltale,

I'm a big fan of your Sam and Max games and have held off until now on Season 3 because I wanted to play it all in one go instead of having to wait between episodes. After reading that the final episode had been released yesterday I decided to purchase the season on my PS3, as my computer is sadly somewhat lacking in it's capacity to play games. Also, for the record, I should probably state that I live in the UK.

Upon entering the Playstation Store I discovered what seemed to be a package for the entire season for £19.99. However, when I purchased it I discovered that it was not a package of all 5 episodes, but a 100kb upgrade key for Episode 1 which, as I stated earlier, I had not bought previously.

The description for the item said that all episodes would download automatically upon release, and seeing as how the release dates for the finale of the series passed yesterday, I believed that the unlock key was perhaps a simple message telling my system to download all the episodes automatically. However, upon checking my download queue, I discovered this was not the case, and that my download queue was empty.

My next thought then was that perhaps the key was simply a code to let the Playstation Store know that I had bought the episodes and that I had to download them manually. So I went back to the Playstation Store to check and discovered that only episodes 2, 3 and 4 were available to me. Episode 5 was nowhere to be found on the store and Episode 1 was only available at the cost of a further £6.29, when it was supposed to be included with the Season Package which advertised itself as "5 Games, 1 price!".

Why then is it trying to charge me a further £6.29 for a game I have apparantely already paid for? Also, when is Episode 5 being released for PSN and will I have the same problem with it?
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  • Episode 5 is supposed to be released on PSN today. Check again tommorow, it should be there.

    As for episode 1, which is the real issue (can't start the season without playing the first episode first!)... I'd say contact support ( and they'll try to help you out any way they can. (but give them a few hours!)
  • From what I've read in the past, Episode 1 is a free download because it has a demo mode, so just go ahead and download that from the Sam & Max folder in the PS Store (Or wherever you found the season package). If you've downloaded the upgrade key already, then it should run outright.
  • Ahhh, that would explain it. I feel like such an idiot now. I'll go download right away and check, thanks.

    EDIT: No luck unfortunately. No demo version seems to be available on PSN that I can find........... and I just found it. I feel like such an ass now. I blame insomnia. Apologies for wasting your time.
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