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SPOILERS! What was your favorite ending?

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I say my favorite ending was the "Recall Crimefighting" ending it was just more funnier but both endings are good I just prefer the Crimefighting one.
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    What happened if you chose crimefighting? I picked adventuring and the ending made me tear up.
  • The exact same thing, except they go off into the city and talk about fighting a supervillain instead of using the time elevator.
  • I prefer the Adventure ending. More emotional and touching.
  • the crimefighting was more sam & max like, with the dialog and the giant cockroach, but the adventure one was amazing with the empty elevator, the max reveal and sam getting the hat at the end.
  • That sounds better than the time machine one, back to "normal" (as normal as they can get) instead of "Ohmygod, please no more diferent time lines or alternate Sam and Maxs. Damm you time traveling elevator and the confusion you cause me!"
    I don't think Max is the president anymore, Superball took over when Max died ( :'( ) and the new/old Max never became President, at least, I don't think he did.
  • When I saw posts about a second ending I assumed it was something to do with the astral projection you could do into Boscotech and that there was perhaps a way of stopping Superball from launching The Final Imperative. Oh well, glad I stopped by as this will save me lots of time trying to get a non existent ending.
  • Does anyone have a video of the endings? I already beat it with the crimefighting ending.
  • There's nothing on youtube yet: I just checked to try to find the crimefighting end.

    Wait, I lied, yes there is, I just was searching 'Sam and Max 305' instead of 'Sam and Max The City That Dare Not Sleep'
  • Both were brilliant, really. The adventure one was really emotional (loved the the hat-thing in the end), and it sort of makes me wonder if they used the time machine to turn things back how they were before the psychic-powers-era, and maybe somehow preventing any of these tragic events to ever happen.

    Yet, the crimefight-ending was very Sam & Max-like. And after recalling all the criminals in those dark streets while Sam was walking past them during the credit sequence, this ending makes me feel all warm inside. They will get what they deserve, after all! In a good old Freelance Police style. :D
  • Zeek;371335 said:
    But I like the Recall Adventuring ending, if only for the symbolism with what Sam does with his hat.
    And that's why I like Recall Adventuring too ^^!
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