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  • I think season 3 had a better 1-3 but season 2 had a (slightly) better 4-5.
  • In my opinion, Season 2 had the most rushed plot (it's not about its nonsense, it wasn't actually nonsense, and the places we go were SO expectable, most of them were just boring) and while some puzzles were great, some puzzles just didn't make any sense.

    Season 3 has less but more qualified jokes, has a better puzzle solving system because of the psychic toys, and it wasn't serious, it was just more thrilling than any other season.

    I also think Season 1 is better than Season 2.
  • Season 3, mainly for the 304 finale, I consider that final showdown pretty much the most epic thing in Sam & Max, the whole climbing the statue of Liberty, Max flying through the air to get to the top, the clones dancing, and of course, the brilliant music that plays through it all and then we have the ultimate fight with Charlie Ho-Tep and God like Max, which made 304 feel more like a finale than the actual finale itself at times!
  • Season 2's 1 and 2 irritated me. 1 felt like it was trying to be edgy to me - I didn't really appreciate Santa as a gun-toting psycho.

    and 2 - I don't know. 2 just felt boring. And the minigames. Eh.

    But then season 2 super redeems itself from there on.

    Season 3 on the other hand didn't have lemon episodes in the same way that season 2 did.

    So I guess I'd go with season 3.
  • Wretched;372810 said:
    lemon episodes
    Oh my god that actually sounds yummy enough to make me play Ice Station Santa again O_O!!
    Wretched;372810 said:
    Season 2's 1 and 2 irritated me. 1 felt like it was trying to be edgy to me - I didn't really appreciate Santa as a gun-toting psycho.
    The entire season tried to be edgy and politically incorrect. Sure it was good, but Season 2 was PURELY based on that.

    Gunhaver Santa, a hipster pop-culture referencing vampire, aliens turning out to be mariachis, and Hell having an office (not subtle, really). I didn't like it. It was too spiky. It wasn't creative, it was just goofy and got all of its materials from apparent jokes.
  • As good as season 2 was, I thought that it was mostly crazy, absurd, cartoon moments, which I guess is normal for Sam and Max.

    Season 3, on the other hand, is an epic that sees the world of Sam and Max as not just a stage for wacky hi-jinx, but a living, breathing fantasy universe with its own rules and mythologies. Yes, it was more serious than previous Sam and Max stuff, but that's what makes it so great; the fact that it is something bigger than what Sam and Max has ever been.
  • 204 is my favorite episode ever so points right their. Their is absolutely nothing majorly wrong with either season for me, but chariots was just so much fun for me, It gets a slight advantage.
  • In their own category, both seasons are excellent. S3 was more geared towards cinematic storytelling, while S2 was heavier on puzzles and absurdity. I like S2 better for that reason.
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