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  • Well, the final puzzle was pretty cheap if you ask--oh, that.

    Eh. I kind of wish that the Adventure ending was the only one, or that we all had the same ending at all, but I guess it was a cute attempt to get people to get the kind of experience at the end that they associate with Sam and Max. "Save Sybil" was pretty deus-ex-y(and not in a "Spontaneous Combustion! How convenient!" way that would have been acceptable), but otherwise I guess the ending hit all the right emotional tones if you wanted to make a Sam and Max film that stops dead now and again to give some weak illusion of interactivity.
  • It left me satisfied. Yeah, some of the developments came out of nowhere and were accepted too quickly, but I don't mind.
  • Having just finished it, I would say that I found the ending depressing, but satisfying. However, with there being no poll option for that I instead clicked on satisfying, but not what I expected.
  • The crimefighting ending was extremely satisfying.
  • I voted, but I wish there was an optional choice.

    The two ways that came to mind to describe it after it happened were "Bittersweet" and "Warmly Satisfying", but the poll divides them, heh.
  • I dont understand why people are suggesting the "Past Max" is at all different from "Real Max"...from my point of view the Max that came out of the elevator is Max...the Max that exploded is also Max...as long as they are both from the same time line then they must have to be the same...

    Or maybe it was just the fact that I just didnt want to see these games finish here and so Max had to come back somehow...but tbh I'll be happy either way tbh...

    What Im wondering now is what they do next...the stories have so far kept ramping up the awesome and the weirdness...how do they top this?
  • its not that people believe max x is not the real max, its just that he hasn't had the same adventures since 102 with the sam we know. He's been on a different adventure since 102. He's got different memories to the max that died. So he's not the same really, and i expect it would be the same for max x. He has been on an adventure with his friend who he had to kill, but the alternate sam he found mourning for his alternate would have different memories to the sam he knew. But at least they can talk about the adventures each of them missed.
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