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Anyone know when its going to be on iTunes really want it for my iPhone?

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  • It's availible on the Iphone and Ipad now!
    EDIT: Ninja'd
  • A great idea to make the trailer like a Grickle short.
  • Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is decently fun and certainly addictive and the storytelling is great, but man the graphics got hit with the ugly stick. There's some serious artifacting and seemingly unnecessary blurriness going on. (this is on the iphone4 if that makes a difference). Still worth a buy at $5, but be warned.
  • I like the trailer. That sheriff is something, but he's likeable. I think the iPhone version is still non-retina, and that might be why it may not look too sharp. Then again retina is kind of new, and people are only recently updating clients to Retina graphics. It's good that this is on iPhone as well, they'll be able to still get the Puzzle Agent goodness.
  • After waiting months I finally got this game on my iPhone 4. It doesn't support multitasking?? If I have to take a call I have to start over?
  • akaimizu;373225 said:
    I think the iPhone version is still non-retina, and that might be why it may not look too sharp.
    It's definitely non-retina, which is fine, but there's something else going on, looks like compression artifacts or something. Maybe a concession to get all the voice audio in at a reasonable total download size? Not to harp on it, because like I said, I can totally live with it, but it's not just the difference between retina/non-retina.
  • Will this work on an iPod Touch or is that completely different from an iPhone? I'm new at this whole iPod thing. :confused:
  • Puzzle Agent will work on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. This is not true of all iOS games, but is true for Puzzle Agent. Just check on the itunes store page, it should list which devices and version of the OS you need to be running to make the app work.

    For Puzzle Agent it says:
    iTunes said:
    Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
  • It's great to finally have this on the iPod! Thanks Telltale! I downloaded it last night and played for a little bit. While I love having it I do have to second (or third?) the "ugly stick" comment about the graphics (and this is even on a non-retina display device). Almost every scene is covered with odd compression artifacts. While it isn't getting in the way of playing, I am slightly disappointed that the choice was made to compress the graphics to the point that they look poor on any generation of iDevice.

    But, still a great game to play and I'm loving the purchase!
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