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sam and max complete 305 walkthrough

posted by saucerfoot2 on - last edited - Viewed by 462 users
I would like to request to have a complete walkthrough for

sam and max 305 please
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  • Impressive walkthrough, russell. Short and to the point.
  • GuruGuru214;373707 said:
    Impressive walkthrough, russell. Short and to the point.
    Thanks, my walkthroughs are usually like that. I usually find walkthroughs telling me to do unnecessary things so I create my own. I just described how I played the game the second time through, once I knew exactly what to do.
  • Brilliant walkthrough, but also demonstrating why you shouldn't use walkthroughs. You'll complete the game by doing that, but miss out on so so much. Great resource as a last resource though, have you got a website for all of your walkthroughs?
  • No, but i did used to have them saved on my computer but then my computer got wiped, and my walkthrough doesn't have to be followed exactly, its just if anyone gets stuck, they can still do other stuff like talk to people and look at different things. I have videos tho of some of my walkthroughs, as in a game being completed by me, on youtube, i'm murray19831983. I have phantasmagoria, flight of the amazon queen, quackshot, nelson tethers: puzzle agent, sam and max 201 ice station santa, sam and max 302 the tomb of sammun-mak, also all of the tales of monkey island games. Check them out if your interested
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