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Game engine wishlist (controls, graphics, etc.)

posted by Krid on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users
Hi everybody and especially Telltale,

I'd just like to start a thread discussing the current game engine and control scheme. Maybe Telltale might consider some of our opinions and ideas for future developments.

Game controller:
Opinion: After initial scepticism I love using a gamepad to control Sam & Max.


- When using XBOX 360 controller, button-icons should depict the coloured A, B, X, Y buttons. (Especially since under Win7 and recent DirectX versions that's actually the only controller that works with the game!)

- With gamepad controls and an actual 3D environment already in place, it would be very cool to add free camera movement with the right analog stick. (I always love it when game controls make me feel like I'm almost inside the game myself and I really miss that feature when controlling Sam & Max with a gamepad.)

Opinion: The new engine really improved the look and atmosphere. Good work!


- Please make film grain a configurable option! Many people are annoyed by it. (Yes it adds to a movie feeling, but it also spoils a feeling of realism and "being there".)

- Long term vision: A game with something like a licensed shooter-engine with highly sophisticated graphics, but still an intelligent and humorous story line of an adventure could become a wonderful new gaming genre.

I'm dreaming of some sort of "3rd person adventure" with sophisticated realistic graphics and immersive controls, but with riddles, plot twists and humor instead of excessive blood and gore and the stupid search for health-packs and ammo.

What are your opinions and ideas?

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  • Hassat Hunter;373273 said:
    FPS and the engine is 2000, so not really state-of-art AND it requires Deus Ex (but if you don't have it... what the hell is wrong with you?) but aside from that, it could suit your needs:
    Deus Ex... well, back at the time I sort of heard too late about it and then wasn't interested any more in a game with outdated graphics. Of course I'll have a look at the upcoming sequel, though. That burdenof80proof extension looks interesting, too. But, hey, meanwhile I'm spoiled by eye-candy like Bioshock, GTA IV, Dirt2 or that Heaven Benchmark demo. I'd just love to see such game engines combined with whacky and light-hearted adventure story lines instead of the usual violence and hectic.

    Driving the DeSoto through Liberty City... or better yet: trampling Liberty City as Maxthulu? Geez, that would be fun! (Was anybody else a bit disappointed, too, that you couldn't actively smash some buildings as Maxthulu?)
  • Varrok;373283 said:
    Please return (as an option) click to go there... I'm annoyed by click'n'drag
    Good point. Using a gamepad or WASD is fine and innovative for an adventure game, but click-and-drag really is annoying.

    If "mouse only" as a possible control scheme is desired, maybe use good old "point and click" to go somewhere and add "middle mouse-button + mouse-movement" to look around to bring objects into view. (Well, free camera movement again. Could really add to the game experience.)
  • I've already said this many times, but I can repeat myself. :p
    Support for all the joypads, please.
  • Diduz;373339 said:
    I've already said this many times, but I can repeat myself. :p
    Support for all the joypads, please.
    That's mainly to blame on Microsoft's strategy to recommend XInput as input API and gradually dropping legacy DirectInput support since Windows Vista. (XInput is a requirement to obtain the "Games for Windows" Logo, so developers are moving to XInput.)

    Considering that Telltale depict a PS3 style controller in their help screen, my guess is that on Windows XP other contollers will still work while on Vista/Win7 only XBOX 360 works. Hence the PS3 style button-images, even though on Win7 only the XBOX 360 Controller works.

    There are emulators, but those aren't available for 64 bit Win7.
  • henke37;373249 said:
    Making auto goto when you click on an object respect the run selection as indicated by the shift key.
    Tales of Monkey Island had this, and I really missed having it for this season. I wonder why they wouldn't keep it.
  • Graphics whore.

    DX is too old to appreciate due to outdated graphics. And I hear that on an adventure games board?
    Okay, I kind of not understand it anywhere... but that's not really the point.

    Anyway, I don't think they actually made a small adventure game based on UT or Half-Life 2. They do have puzzle or sneaking but that's just not the same...
  • GuruGuru214;373422 said:
    Tales of Monkey Island had this, and I really missed having it for this season. I wonder why they wouldn't keep it.
    you run to the object if you click a second time while you are walking towards it. Am I the only one who noticed that?
  • Oh, so they went back to the way you run in their point and click games. Would've been nice if it was consistent.
  • der_ketzer;373936 said:
    you run to the object if you click a second time while you are walking towards it. Am I the only one who noticed that?
    I noticed it. But it's stupid having two ways of doing something when they should be interchangeable and aren't.
  • ok they really need 3 really important or cool things one of them is the inverted controls but i had my big rant on that in its own thread.
    ok number 2 is overhauling the save interface and number of slots. whit a game like this we wanna try all different things and i would wanna save them all, 3 slots is just not enough it gets annoying. now also they should let you name the save and/or show you your stats of your choices you made so you can figure out which is what. plus put in a more in-depth stats list at the episode selection screen and it would be a button you hit too pull it up for each episode.
    the 3rd major thing that i would so love to see is an amazing idea, they need to add an automatic replay feature which what this does is removes the interface completely, choice count down, the reticle, i mean everything now at the touch of a button it will play the episode just as you controlled it and the choices you have made, im saying you dont even control lee, so u can sit back and watch it just like a tv show but way better because this so much better then the show! and you can just use the random option that they have now and watch something completely unexpected.
    who knows id like to c this stuff come-threw asap but maybe they will put this stuff in like the full disc version after all the episodes r out but i have no clue. and i dont wanna hear that bs that telltale cant do it now because i said it, i give you telltale, full rain to take these ideas and add them into the game.
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