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What about official Monkey Island comics or short films?

posted by Victory63 on - last edited - Viewed by 335 users
Just a thought, what about if Telltale or LucasArts made official Monkey Island short stories or short animated films released?

If comics they could be released weekly or monthly via the Telltale games website. Something similar to Penny Arcade or CAD and could be drawn by say Steve Purcell. Fan site World of Monkey Island had something similar going till they stopped which you can find here.
Of course being a fan site they arn't official but still something to look at.

With the short films, they could be animated and either be flash or in-game like graphics. Released like every 2 months.

Just could have something whilst there isn't any new Monkey Island for a while.

Lol could also pitch to IDW or WildStorm for a short monthly series of Monkey Island comics like many game companies are doing lately with their series including ones that arn't that big, would be awsome :D
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