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"Poker Night" Print Petition

posted by RingmasterJ5 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users
By signing this petition, you agree that the "Poker Night at the Inventory" print(pictured below) needs to be on the Store, and not just available at PAX.
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  • I'm hypocritical. I'd love to buy it, but if I was someone at PAX picking up the "exclusive" poster then I'd be annoyed to find it went on sale soon after.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    How about if:
    The print is exclusively free (with pre-order) at Pax and will be released more widely (and less exclusively) for a small amount of money in the Telltale Store?
  • Hassat Hunter;374075 said:
    So to all the "exclusive" people, you just expect us Euro's (or Asians, or South Americans, or basically everyone not in the US) to go to the USA and PAX for a poster? Really?

    EDIT: -Signed.
    No. I think it would have been good to offer it in the store. As someone who was going to be at PAX only to have to cancel, I'm frustrated that I won't be able to get it.
    However, if they announce something as exclusive when they release it, I think it's wrong to go back on that without the consent of everyone involved. And since getting the consent of everyone who got it at PAX seems impossible to me, then it should stay an exclusive.

    Sure it sucks, never said it didn't, but I want to be able to trust telltale. So I'd rather they didn't go around lying about stuff like that.
    If you had asked me before they announced it as exclusive, I would have voted for it to be available at the store, but it's too late for that now.
  • I don't understand why it would be exclusive in the first place. I'm sure they knew we'd want it. :(

  • Exclusives like this I dislike. But pre-order exclusives I don't mind. Everyone can pre-order, but not eeveryone can go to E3 or PAX. It costs a lot (due to tickets and h/motel rentals and such) and limited anyways since not every single one of us (if we could financially) could go to PAX since it's limited to the venue's person limit.
  • RingmasterJ5;373840 said:

    I....Love you.

    Signed, although I don't understand, are people at pax playing this right now?

    i just wanna give Telltale all my money!

    No but really, I'm die hard TT fan. I'l learn poker if it means I can have the heavy and max in the same room, let alone Tycho and strong bad.
  • Signed. I would definitely buy at least one copy of this.
  • I wonder if they are even allowed to legally sell the two chars they don't own on a print...

    But if they are it would be cool to have, it could be a limited order period thing so they only have to print what they need (I can't imagine too many people being interested in it and it would avoid overstock).
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