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Other At the Inventory Episode ideas

posted by ZombieAtPlay on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users
Hey, have you guys noticed the title of this forum is "At The Inventory" and "Poker Night at The Inventory" is a subsection?

I think At the Inventory will be the season name if it goes to a series e.g episodes end with it, like "Darts at The Inventory" or "Dance Contest at The Inventory" or even "Trouble at The Inventory" (for a traditional Telltale point and click episode).

What would you like to see happen At the Inventory?

(P.S. Brilliant idea to do this game Telltale!! Although i admit i was a little disappointed it was just poker, but A) i kinda guessed from the sillhouettes and B) i learned how to play from Telltale Texas Hold'em anyway, so i'm good to go :) )
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