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Question about S&M DVDs

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Hey all, first time posting at this community :)

I just bought the 3-seasons discounted bundle of S&M today. To my understanding, I can get the DVDs from Telltale by emailing them by product keys. I have a question regarding the packaging though. What does the package contain if I opt to receive my free DVD? Is it just in a cheap paper/plastic sleeve, or are there other goodies inside? What about the box?
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    First thing, you don't email them the product keys. You go to the store, find the DVD you want, it will check if you have the season, it should see you have the episodes, it should cost nothing and you add it to the cart, and you just pay shipping. The DVDs are in normal DVD cases, and are able to play in computers and DVD players (I believe TOMI was an exception) and have extra features on them. On the DVD purchase page, it will tell you what is in it. No goodies inside (except for Strong Bad). Hope that helps.
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