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Season 3 Case File

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I have to admit, I am slightly disappointed that Season 3 didn't get its own collector's case file like previous seasons.

For those who came in late, Seasons 1 & 2 of Sam & Max had case files that you could order with them - little envelopes filled with trinkets from the cases in the series. Unfortunately, my Season 1 case file got lost in a move so I don't remember all the items (except the incredibly awesome Max For President campaign pin that I managed to save and still cherish to this day). The Season 2 file had a mini-CD of the Friendly Demon Song, a coaster from the Easter Island Tiki Bar, a mailer advertisement for the Zombie Factory, a punch card from the time traveling elevator and token for the Soul Train.

So if they had made a case file for Season 3, what would you have wanted to see in it?

Rules: The case file has one item for each episode. Items have to be small enough to fit in an envelope that goes inside a dvd case. Items are cheap, flat, usually printable materials.

My picks:

Oversized mind-reading playing cards
OR a takeout menu for Meesta Pizza
OR the antique postcard
OR a clipping of the "Sam & Max Save the City" newspaper

A ticket stub from the Disorient Express, or one of Papierwaite's shows.
OR one of the hieroglyphic newspaper comics
OR a copy of Nefertiti's love letter to Jurgen

A brochure on the exhibits of the Museum of Unnatural History

A menu from Stinky's Diner
OR a business card from Flint Paper

A reversible desk sign that has "Narrator" on one side and "Super Ego" on the other
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  • 301: A Penal Zone prisoner badge

    302: Hieroglyphic newspaper

    303: Brain screw

    304: Bosco's letter

    305: A can of espresso beans
  • When did the other case files come out relative to the DVDs? The same time?
  • I thought it was getting a case file?
  • doodinthemood;375626 said:
    I thought it was getting a case file?
    No, we haven't heard anything about a case file yet.
  • DrRocketGenius;375623 said:
    When did the other case files come out relative to the DVDs? The same time?
    They came out at the same time and we're offered as a free pre-order bonus, though you could purchase them separately as well until the supplies ran out.
  • BlankCanvasDJ;375631 said:
    pre-order bonus
    ...well, that pretty much killed my hope.
  • kane;375632 said:
    how told you that them?...
  • Maybe they couldn't come up with one yet. After all, the season has just been completed and all that so give the guys at Telltale sometime. Me, I'm still looking for the first two case files myself. I thought I would get Season 2 Case File but I got a suspicion that they're sold out (try to get it with Season Two but no luck so I have to remove the DVD Case from my cart) so I have to look elsewhere until I find them or Telltale start selling them again.

    Back to Season 3 Case File, here's what I think would be the ultimate Season 3 Case File: The Toys of Powers. I mean, who wouldn't want Future Vision, Can O' Nuts, Charlie Ho-Tep (minus the spoiler for those who haven't finished episodes 4 & 5 yet), the mind reading cards, and such? That would be soooo awesome.

    Of course, my other choices for the Season 3 Case File is as followed...

    The Penal Zone: the vacation ticket
    The Tomb of Sammun-Mak: the newspaper
    They Stole Max's Brain!: How about those medallion things in that alternative universe ruled by Sammun-Mak?
    Beyond the Alley of the Dolls: the manuscript from the museum
    The City That Dares Not Sleep: let's see...I say either those inner monologue records (on CDs) or Max's (spoiler for those who hasn't finished Episode 5) death clipping.

    Blast, how do you do the hide spoilers on this thing? Anyway, that's all from me.
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