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DeLorean Rebuilt? *Movie Spoilers*

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So... I thought when the DeLorean got destroyed Doc was happy it was. I mean it was in pieces. If they were to rebuild it I don't think it would make any sense honestly. Unless some competiting scientist found Doc's notes and made his own DeLorean and you are on a mission to have it destroyed once again. That would make sense, but to have it rebuilt again after they were glad it was destroyed wouldn't make sense. What do you guys think?

"...Well Doc, it's destroyed... Just like you wanted..."
—Marty standing at the remains of the DeLorean

Marty: "Where ya going Doc? Back to the future?"
Doc: "No, already been there!"
— Doc and Marty during the final scene of Back to the Future Part lll

If anything, I bet we'll just see a picture of the DeLorean or a flashback or something.
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  • I was always confused what he meant by the "No, already been there" line. To me, it sounded like Doc was finished with time travelling, and the train wasn't a time machine, but something else.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    StarEye;376477 said:
    I was always confused what he meant by the "No, already been there" line. To me, it sounded like Doc was finished with time travelling, and the train wasn't a time machine, but something else.
    Most likely, he is referring to the fact that the time train is equipped with 2015-standard flight mechanics. He went to 2015 before he went back to 1985 to meet Marty. ;)
  • "On the other hand you can say that the Back To The Future series has postulated how you could have almost infinite timelines. Who's to say that the timelines we create in the game couldn't be alternate timelines?"
    Doesn't he totally confirm they created new timelines for the game ? Thus implying different ones ? Thus not a sequel of the exact timelines we've seen ?
  • I never saw that confirmed, but I seem to recall someone saying "If you don't like it, you can think of it as an alternate timeline".
  • FitzoliverJ;376191 said:
    They had the DeLorean in the cartoon series, which was set after the third movie and which remains terribly popular on this forum... ;)
    That cartoon is popular someplace?
  • Spoiler tags for a 25 year old movie. Classic. :P
  • If I am right, there is a spare Delorean knocking about anyway! they could just use that one... sort of!

    Doc and the Delorean were Zapped into the Wild West at the end of BTTF2.
    Marty the meets up with Doc by the clock tower in the 50's and the next day they dig out that same Delorean and use it to get Marty home - but instead he goes back to the Wild West to save Doc.

    At this point there are two Deloreans set in that time. They then fix the Delorean (again) and Marty then travels back to the future in the same one he arrived at.

    This means that at any point between Wild West and 1950's a Delorean is sitting in a cave somewhere.

    Obviously removing it without returning it after would destroy any of the events in the third movie. But if there was a way to get hold of it in that specific time gap, and replace it after then it would all fit nicely.

    Only problem is, if the game is going to be set in present time (i.e. 1980's 1990's because any later wouldn't make sense as the vision of the future is not quite how it turned out except 3d cinemas lol) there would have to be a way to get back to pick it up.

    Then again Doc does have a time travelling train laying around, not to mention a wife and a couple of kids but Something tells me this movie will be on an alternate time-line.
  • Come to think of it!

    After Marty gets the Delorean destroyed at the end of BTTF3, there is nothing stopping Wild West Doc from digging up the old Delorean, and meeting Marty after the events of all 3 movies, and simply putting it back when they are done and that would be why Time Travelling Train Doc had to leave so quickly! Cos he knew a past version of himself, with the Delorean would show up again any minute later!

    When Doc Met marty at teh end of BTTF3, he had 2 kids etc... so there's a LOT of years there Doc could have dug it up and visited Marty!

    Heck, maybe we help Doc build his Time Travel Train in this game!

  • Ok ok, i jsut put my theory to my friend and he has a very valid arguement!

    I have just sketched a diagram and found an issue with the plan. Yes theoretically Doc and marty could go back to any period between 1885 and 1955 (using the train) and dig the delorean out of the mine shaft.

    The problem arises now. If they travel forward in time from the point of digging it out, they will only be able to travel up to 1955 because... if they have removed the car and gone forward in time, then they will essesentially be travelling forward on the timeline where the delorean no longe r exists in the mine. this would therefore mean that marty is still stuck in 1955. This means that any future would be one where Marty was stuck in 1955 and would have been about 40 years old by 1985 and also trying to avoid the 'real' marty who was born in about 1970.

    It would be a similar circumstance to the part in BTTF 2 where Biff steals the Sports Almanac and gives it to himself in 1955 thus creating an alternative reality.

    The issue with alternative realities is that travelling forward in time during this period will mean travelling forward in time through the alternative reality as opposed to the actual reality.

    Also remember that unlike the Bill and Ted movies where it was believed that time was on a constant loop. BTTF is based on the belief that time is a single line constatntly travelling forward never having been experienced before. If this was not the case then Doc could simply have gone to the mine and dug out the delorean at the start of BTTF 1.
  • Assuming the story does continue on from after the movies.. It could easily be a DeLorean from the past. I mean, it was sitting in the cave unused for a very long time ;)
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