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  • Season 3 is my favorite season, but I agree that it was too serious at some points, especially the ending. During the whole credits sequence in 305 I was thinking: "What? Sam and Max is supposed to be funny, not depressing!"
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    Pantagruel's Friend;373005 said:
    In their own category, both seasons are excellent. S3 was more geared towards cinematic storytelling, while S2 was heavier on puzzles and absurdity. I like S2 better for that reason.
    A good way to sum it up. Still season 3 is absurder. I personally think 302 is the best episode Telltale ever made. I believe, I liked the jokes of season 3 slightly more. Also the element of surprise, all the time something unexpected was happening, BUT the puzzles weren't as good, as 203-205, not by far. The toys puzzles usually were too easy. Too little inventory puzzles with logical paths of thought, how to come to the desired conclusion. More try and error. Let's see, any future I can predict here? Where can I teleport? I"m trapped in an alternate universe for all eternety. Oh yeah! Teleportation, good I still remember Stinky's number. and so on. That's why I like 302 best, the psychic powers there could only be usefull, when you knew them to be so.
    Hm? Question, what question? Ah! I guess tw-thr-, I dunno, three had a better plot, two had better puzzles.
  • I loved Season 3. I still love Season 2, but I think 3 really flowed well and all the episodes led to the next wonderfully. It really was like an interactive movie. Based on many other movies.
  • Definately 3...I actually had trouble finishing Season 2 because the season really didnt grab me as much as the first...it seemed just like the same thing over again, which was great, dont get me wrong, but it didnt have the impact...Season 3 however was a fresh take that didnt leave out the best bits of Sam & Max and thats why I like it more...aside from 303...that was the weakest link in the chain there...
  • Season 3 was better. It had a much better story, surprising plot twists, less puzzles that were super confusing, and a great balance of funny and cinematic. The only downside was the short last episode. Although there were less jokes, there was higher quality.
  • Season 2 two, the list of people who died was much better.
  • jaden551;376891 said:
    Season 2 two, the list of people who died was much better.
    LOL What do mean by that?

    Even Sam died or un-died at one point. And so did the Desoto! :p
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