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Devils Playhouse Posters

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So Im looking at the posters and the 5 poster set states the size and then afterwards I looked at the Signed poster of Devils playhouse poster print however there isnt a stated size Im just wondering whether or not its a larger print like the Surfing the Highway print because I want to frame it and knowing the size is 1/2 the battle! I plan on supporting the great lagomorph gods by buying one or the other so the help is much appreciated.
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  • I'm sure the signed Devil's Playhouse print had measurements of 21.75" x 16" listed previously (same as the TMI one), but it seems to have been removed for some reason. Perhaps those are not the correct measurements, but I'm almost certain it is going to be a large print of that size. All the others have been and they wouldn't be charging that price otherwise.

    Each individual poster in the 5-pack measures 8" x 10".
  • I'd like to find out for sure myself.

    21.75x16 isn't a standard size for posters and I'd like to know so I can go ahead and get a frame for when they arrive.
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