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Aliens. *cue x-files music*

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So,what are your opinions on aliens. Do they exist? Are they visiting Earth? Have they visited Earth in the past? Will we (as a civilization) ever meet them? In our lifetimes? What about less intelligent life?

Personally, I'm a believer that intelligent life does exist somewhere else in the universe. I also think it's faesible they may have visited the earth before, in ancient times. (Quite a reasonable case can be made with stuff like the nazca lines, stone henge, the pyramids, ancient texts and murals etc).

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  • I think the theory that old stuff was made by aliens is often a way to say "older civilizations weren't as good as us and so they didn't do it, it needs to have been creatures from other planets". So I personally dislike that kind of theory (not saying that's what you're saying, just that I don't like the implications I read in it).

    This being said, it's possible there is life somewhere else. If it's not intelligent, it can't make it here. If it is intelligent, it should probably stay far away :p
  • I'm pretty sure there's an hot babelien out there with long dark hair, blue eyes and glasses. Because space aliens could also use glasses.
  • There has to be. I refuse to believe that such a vast existence only holds one inhabited planet. I would be surprised if any of them were advanced enough to reach us, though. Assuming they could even find us.
  • GaryCXJk;377240 said:
    I'm pretty sure there's an hot babelien out there with long dark hair, blue eyes and glasses. Because space aliens could also use glasses.


    Like that? Except with glasses?
  • And long dark hair.

    Long long, not electrical fence long.
  • The way I see it there is more chance of alien life existing somewhere out there than our planet being the sole source of life in the universe. Now intelligent life, that's another question altogether. And as there is no real harm in believing (excepting the inevitable crazies) in the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe I choose to do so. But like most interests, the strength of it isn't a constant. I also use the SETI@Home program as my screensaver - I mean, why not. SETI has always interested me, not surprising when one of my favourite books is Contact.
  • The universe is a big place and there are a lot of planets to live on.
  • I'm not sure about this. On the one hand, it seems that it's unlikely for Earth to be the only inhabited planet. On the other hand, it seems way less likely that aliens are as "normal" as we think they might be. When people imagine aliens, they usually make them humanoid, or at least give them animal-like qualities such as two eyes, limbs, etc., but I'm not sure how likely it is that this is the case. Aliens wouldn't even have DNA. They'd be insanely different to us. They could be ten-foot high sticks of rubbery flesh that stick out of the ground, live for thousands of years and are incapable of thought (before you dismiss that idea: trees). I think that the chances of aliens existing, being sapient, developing complex societies, being technologically minded, achieving aviation, achieving space travel, finding a way to travel interstellarly, noticing that we exist and visiting us are extremely tiny.

    As for the videos doodo posted, the chances of them being real are tiny and the implications are crazy. If they are real, it would mean either the Grays evolved on earth or we evolved elsewhere. I say this because there's NO way that, on two separate, independent occasions, amino acids could have reacted to form cell-like structures which then started to reproduce and gradually evolve into beings that are around 5 foot tall, have bone structures, muscles, arms, legs and digits, a torso, a head, two eyes on the front of their head and a mouth which is used to communicate with other creatures. The chances are infinitesimal to the point of being non-existent.
  • I do wonder.

    It was well said though.
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