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Tom Wilson

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We all know Tom Wilson for playing Biff in all 3 BTTF movies plus he reprised the role for the now deceased BTTF ride and the animated series but I was wondering, do you think TellTale could pull it off and actually get him to voice Biff again?

The reason why I ask is cause of recent years, Wilson has been distancing himself from the series, he won't sign memorabilia, he doesn't like been asked questions about it, he admitted in an interview years ago he was embarrased about his role which is a real shame cause I don't understand why?

Some say its cause hes afraid of typecasting but to be honest he is been typecast in a way cause he does a lot of voiceover work and most of the characters he plays are like bully types very much like Biff, I've seen this a lot on Spongebob Squarepants when he voices an episode.
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