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Doppel Fluch and Secret Handshake trophies in 302

posted by tabstis on - last edited - Viewed by 580 users
I'm writing a complete walkthrough for the Devil's Playhouse and I just want clarification as to why you cannot get both of these trophies on the same playthrough?
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  • Im in a stump as well. i to got PS3 version and these are the only two i can't get. i have everything else if you need help though.
  • I THINK it's an issue with the way events are ordered. You need to give the love letter to Benny in order to get access to Kringle's car, which will give Jurgen the Sexo Rejexo Hex. I THINK you can only do that once, and for the Doppel Flutch trophy, you need to hit him with it AFTER he turns into a vampire. But since Jurgen will stop entering his room after he's turned into a vampire, you can't really ask him about Yog-Soggoth once you've seen his idol. So it's really one or the other.
  • Turns out i already had doppel flutch trophy and still need secret handshake. so i just open the closet then open case and talk to him about yog soggy right?
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