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The Coolest Voice of Season Three

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So? With the exception of the title characters, who's your vocal favourite of the third season?

Doctor Norrington/Yog-Soggoth?
Momma Bosco?
Hubert Q. Tourist?
Charlie Ho-Tep?
The Narrator?
Baby Amelia Earhart?
Flint Paper?
Anyone I didn't mention here?

Name whoever you prefer and why! Personally, my favourite would have to be Dr Norrington. He sounds like a proper British gentleeldergod!
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  • Amelia Earhart. Her character design is good too.
  • Tough choice. I love the Narrator's voice to death, and Norrington was such a far cry from what you'd expect an Elder God's voice to sound like.

    I think I might pick Charlie. He had that annoying yet 'innocent' childhood toy voice, which moved seamlessly to a demented, crazy drawl, particularly in his reveal.
  • Sammun-Mak and everyone voiced by Andrew Chaikin. Dr. Norrington was also very good.
    And, of course, Sam and Max.
  • Originally Posted by BlankCanvasDJ
    I liked Gordon. Especially when he started mixing up his words. "Donut button, Sam and Max! Donut button until we meet again in the plaid!"
    Could someone tell me what Donut Button means? I would like to know.
    Anyway, on the subject, I love Papierwaite's voice. I love how he says "inpersonation" and and such. Norrington/Yog Soggoth had a nice voice too. They were pretty awesome together (EX. "We would be happy to assist you." "We would?" "Man up Papierwaite...") I just love those characters. I thank Andrew Chaikin and the person who voiced Yog Soggoth (I can't remember his name :o) for making those characters so awesome together. :D
  • Doctor Norrington, by far. He was one of my favorite characters this Season, as well.
  • Lots of great voice acting, as usual. I'd say Sal's though. As soon as he talked he was just instantly likeable.
  • JFreeman;378182 said:
    [unpopular opinion]

    Sammun-Mak + Baby Amelia Earhart

    [/unpopular opinion]
    Your opinion is perfectly fine with me! :) Although their accents are probably cooler than their voices, but that just my opinion. ;)
  • Nintomster;378252 said:
    Could someone tell me what Donut Button means? I would like to know.
    According to

    "Donut button, Sam and Max! Donut button until we meet again in the plaid!"

    This is actually a reference to the fact that one of the voice actors for a previous episode refused to curse, and so for some lines that were bleeped out, the actor was saying "donut button" rather than anything offensive

    Let me elaborate: The * Bleeps* are in the script, so the voice actors have to improvise what's going to be bleeped out. Some Actors have fun with the Bleeps and create extremely foul streams of words, while others just say something that maybe sound offensive if those are bleeped out. The most memorable is one when the voice actor was saying "Donut" and "Donut Button" instead of actual curse words.
  • Papierwait had a great voice, Gordon the Brain and Charlie Ho-Tep too. In fact it would be easier to list the voices I don't like : Sammun-Mak and Hubert Q. Tourist
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