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Songs that remind you of the Monkey Island series

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So what are your songs that remind you of the Monkey Island series? Me, I'm going with "She's Like Heroin" by System Of A Down, because some lyrics remind me of Elaine's craziness in the courthouse and elsewhere in ToMI Chapter 4, and of Guybrush being forced to wear a dress so he can come to Elaine's party (and probably charm her) in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. :D
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  • And the opening of Dream Theater's "Best of Times" reminds me of Torchlight.

    Right, sorry to drag us further off-topic - now back to Monkey Island-related conversation and discussion.
  • That squeak still hasn't been fixed and yesterday I whistled the Stan's Shipyard tune in the toilet really loudly.
  • How about "What's My Age Again?" by Blink-182? It kind of reminds me of Guybrush's antics as a pirate, and yet he still acts like a prepubescent child despite being an adult. Here are the lyrics in this link:
  • Iron Maiden's "Blood Brothers" sort of reminded me of Monkey Island when I was listening to it the other day. It has some beautiful melodies in some of the less heavy parts of the song, some of which reminded me of Monkey Island. It'd probably be a pretty good song to make a tribute video to, except it would probably have to be trimmed a little.
  • How about "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion? Kind of reminds me of Elaine's pining for her husband Guybrush.
  • Bump. I hate to double-post, but how about "All Star" by Smash Mouth? Should remind me pretty much of Guybrush. :)
  • Debbie82;377794 said:
    How about "All Star" by Smash Mouth? Should remind me pretty much of Guybrush. :)
    I'm afraid I can't help but be reminded of anything but Shrek :D.

    But, yes, in some ways it does remind you a little of Guybrush. "I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed" - this can certainly be related to Guybrush at times (though, not all of the time; Guybrush does show some moments of intelligence). And there are other lines throughout the song that sort of relate to Guybrush, his experiences, his situation and his way of living:

    "Didn't make sense not to live for fun" - Guybrush always seems to want to do what he wants.
    "So much to do so much to see" - It sort of sums up Guybrush's situation when he is first seen washing up on the shores of Melee Island and is automatically thrust into the pirating world.
    "Only shooting stars break the mold" - Guybrush does not fit the mold one bit :).
    "Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me" - Nobody would have expected Guybrush to last a day in the pirating world, but heck, look at him now. He's killed LeChuck 5 times, he's famous for it, and he's the pirating equivalent of a 'rockstar' or an 'allstar'.

    Yes, I guess this does remind me a little of Guybrush, lyrically.
  • Hayden;378394 said:
    I'm afraid I can't help but be reminded of anything but Shrek :D.
    Or the 1999 movie Mystery Men. Don't forget that!
  • Bump, again. I like this thread too much to let it die.

    Another piece of music that reminds me of Monkey Island is 4:45-4:57 of Dream Theater's "Panic Attack". I'm not exactly sure why, but it reminds me of LeChuck each time I listen to it. Perhaps it sounds a little like on of LeChuck's themes, but I'm not too sure of that.

    Edit: Wait, here we are. I've found out why it reminds me of LeChuck, it is because it sounds similar to one of his themes. The part of "Panic Attack" that I mentioned actually sounds quite similar to some of tunes from the opening minute-or-so of "Rollercoaster of Death" from the 'Curse...' soundtrack. At least I think so, anyway - I'm certain that there's a distinct similarity between the two pieces of music.

    They're not exactly the same, of course. But I just find them to sound similar.
    Debbie82;378403 said:
    Or the 1999 movie Mystery Men. Don't forget that!
    I haven't actually seen Mystery Men, so that would explain why I didn't mention it :).
  • I'll contribute to helping keep this thread alive.

    A bit old school ( I blame my involvement in SCA for this one), but I associate sea shanties, especially "Don't Forget Your Old Shipmates" and "High Barbary" for some reason, with Monkey Island.
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