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The Whispered World video stuttering

posted by Kemayo on - last edited - Viewed by 5.4K users
During video playback in The Whispered World there's a great deal of audio stuttering, and by the end of the video the audio is all out of sync.

Anyone else experiencing this, or worked out a fix?
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  • Rigs83;378229 said:
    I am glad to see that it's not my rig but the drm's fault that the games almost unplayable but when will TellTales fix it? I bought this game with the adventure bundle and don't want to find out that all of them are broken because of DRM.
    No, apparently only this game is on the brink of being broken because of bad DRM. All of the KQ games just need tweaking to their dosbox.conf files to make them work better, which you can find in my thread. Other than the issues with the launcher being kinda slow on the uptake, I think this is a good program and a great deal for a great cause.
  • Still no word on this one then? I'd simply like a timeframe for a fix really, so I know it's being worked on at least.
  • Hello again.
    Well, my unstuttering game lasted until I watched the first video flawlessly (at last I could watch Sadwick's nightmare!), and then I decided to quit the game and to copy the saved games from the Telltale version of Whispered World, to the cracked version of the game...
    And now, both versions have stuttering videos.
    Any ideas about this?

    By the way, I'm using Windows XP Media Center Edition in spanish, with Service Pack 2.
  • DRM makes my head hurt. I just want to play this game but it's too damn broken to get past the first fmv.
  • I know it's not ideal, but I skipped the FMVs in-game and watched them on youtube later. It got me through the game and all you have to do is save, Alt+Tab it to your browser if you have it open and watch what you've missed (which is never much anyway, the FMVs aren't long ones). I managed to play the whole game and besides a slight slowing of pace it didn't really take from the game at all. Just a quick solve for anyone who really can't wait for a fix.

    Here is the video series I used. It's a full play through of the game so you may have to do a little searching to find the section you want but it's all in English and it's all there.
  • Apart from some issues with the downloading of TWW, i don't have stuttering problems with the videos - played nicely with no need of a cracked file.

    I'm on a Windows 7 Home Prem 64-bit with 4GB, Nvidia GTX460 SLI, Soundblaster X-fi.

    Try checking that the TWW2.EXE installer has the correct checksum after downloading. The correct checksum is in another thread related to 'NSIS error'.

    On the other hand, i have problems with Puzzle Agent not being able to display the logs properly on the snowboard puzzle.
  • Any news on this?
    Otherwise I guess theres no way around piracy if you want to play this game. :(

    So... if anyone would pm me a link to an exe that works, I would be very grateful. :)
  • byayoi;378174 said:
    :D Let me check if the one I'm downloading works, and I'll let you know :D


    Yes, it works. Another confirmation. Cracked .exe's do solve the problem.
    Would you like me to PM you? :)
    Can you please send to me too :)?
  • For Whispered World support, you'll want to contact Daedalic Entertainment at
  • Yeps, cracking the exe helps.

    Search on usenet for: Jan Willem post repair files Telltale Adventure Bundle:The Whispered World - CRACK ONLY) or use the attached file which you can use to download the file from the newsgroups.

    BUT as bonnie told you, for real support you realy have to contact the manifacturer of the product (Looks like german only)

    For Whispered World support, you'll want to contact Daedalic Entertainment at
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