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Around and Around and Arooound

posted by Snicklin on - last edited - Viewed by 895 users
I'm stuck in episode one of SBCG4AP. SB keeps giving me hints about "Getting into Homestar's roomy head". I have the Homestar hat, but I need to do something about my pants.

I'm trying everything on everything, going in circles over and over again.

I REALLY need help, you guys, if you wouldn't mind. :D
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  • You mean you've just gotten the head and not the shirt/pants combo?

    If so, try searching around Marzi's for something useful.
  • It worked. Now here's another problem: I'm supposed to leave some chocolates at Marzipan's doormat, but every time I make an attempt, that %#$@ King of Town comes and downs it, leaving Marzipan with an empty doormat.

    Can you help me, now?
  • Don't I need a shovel or something? (Which I don't)
  • Oops, sorry. I forgot about that. I've updated it now.
  • 2 words hege chlipers on homs tsar flot
  • bat boy 333;366609 said:
    2 words hege chlipers on homs tsar flot
    that wasnt even the question. plus you revieved a pretty old thread.
  • umm who is it and dig the a hole by marzepans mail box with the shoil ifyou dont have the shovil go get it then add clippings of the hege on the hole and place thecandy on the doormat thenhive the phone back to homestarrunner
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