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I think I broke episode 1

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So I stole the record, and left the chocolates on Marzipan's doormat, and gave Homestar his phone back, and he ran out of the house... but when I go in SB's room, Homestar is still at the drawing table acting depressed. Is something wrong here?
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  • Thanks, that's all I need to know. Just wanted to know if this is some kind of error or if it's supposed to work that way, and it seems like it's supposed to work that way. It just doesn't seem to make sense that he would still be trying to work out his depression in comic form after being successfully reunited with Marzipan, but hey, this is Homestar we're talking about, right?
  • He was writing a story about him winning the race. So if he won the race, see ya.
  • The thing is, he's depressed about THREE things, which he lists when you first encounter him in the basement, and which he'll reiterate if you talk to each of him:

    1. He lost the Race
    2. He's a wanted criminal
    3. Marzipan broke up with him

    Giving him Marzipan's message only solves the third issue, but he's still depressed about losing the race and being a wanted criminal. You've got to address those points separately to get rid of all of him.
  • Yep, then he's gone for good.... or is he?
  • This episode is actually one of my favorites. Good times, this and the two last are best.
  • How do you get the Homestar at the drawing table out of the house again?
  • go to your e-mail and hit got buff then soon a e-mail will say that it is at bubs go get it now go to the track and go in the locker room use the todl load on pom poms bag and go to the door by the lockers and tell the z man to look at the lockers then pom pom cant race in the race !!! so and use the jelotan (tm) on the water and log part (jelotan found at strong bads house) and get the bloons at marzs house on the hevy lord then grab the milk hurrdle and turdle and put them in this order hurrdle turdle milk now go to the the video carama and you erace pom-poms time and you race it will be ez this time
    so you win the race and give that tropy to homestar
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