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How will Strong Bad look like?

posted by Javi-Wan Kenobi on - last edited - Viewed by 783 users
I think you already talked about it somewhere, but even with the forum search I wasn't able to find it. If the thread exists, please you can redirect me there.
My question is:
Will Strong Bad look like the screenshots, with cell shading (like on it's own game), while the other characters will have "realistic" shadings? I find it quite strange for me, mixing different looks in the same game. I mean, for a "make-a-scene" video it's OK to mix realistic 3D, toon 3D, 2D, etc... but for a whole game?
Now that I have replayed SBCG4AP, I think they can use the Strong Bad from the begining of Dangeresque 3, the one from the cutscene with the realistic textures and shadings. That way he wouldn't look so out of place next to the other characters.

But if you want to mix realistic shading characters with cell shading characters... Roger Rabitt game?
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