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Adventure Game Bundle - Not Activating

posted by S2333 on - last edited - Viewed by 726 users
Hi Telltale,

I bought the Adventure Game bundle and I cannot log in to the exe when launched.
The login button just won't click.
Please help.
I also can't tab between username and password if that helps.
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  • Edit: Sorry, no Problem, the program runs now!
  • Any news about the fixed launcher? When is it going to be out?
  • What os are you guys using? it may be a OS problem.
  • I'm still having this problem too, I'm using Windows XP.
  • I have Windows Vista and still have the same problem. I sent two mails to Telltale Support and only got two bot answers (seems like a t-shirt sentence....)
  • Greetinx from Germany! I can´t get the games too because the installer doesn´t do anything.
    I want to play the games!
  • I can't get the bundle to install... I have gone through the forums... several times. I have run the installation as an administrator and I have re-downloaded it several times. I am less than impressed so far with my purchase...
  • Come on Support Team, answer our e-mails or at least tell us here if you're going to solve this issue!!!
  • Just bought the bundle, using Windows 7 64bit version. Installing the budle downloader ran perfectly with no errors. After executing the "Adventure bundle" with admin rights I still can't login to download the games. Maybe you should put the separate games with download links to Your games page on the website so that we could download the games and start playing while you try to fix the bundle loader?
  • Same problem here. Downloaded and installed the Bundle, but it won't let me log in. I'm running WinXP Home.

    EDIT: re-downloaded, reinstalled and it works. I just had to leave it for a few seconds after clicking "Log In", although it wasn't giving me any clue that it was doing anything. I never thought I'd miss the little spinning wheels of impatience! ^_^
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