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Dunno if this is the proper forum-disc tray frustrations

posted by moshelmr on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users
Disc tray drama. Pushing the darned button, no response. Sticking a pin into the teeny hole, no response. It worked just fine previously, until I got a different problem fixed at a lab (sata cable replaced). Please don't tell me the morons at the lab stole my disc tray...I was so thrilled that they fixed the problem immediately, I wanted my faith in them to last.
Is there anything I can do besides taking it back to the lab again?? It's like an hour away by bus + 20 minutes walking in direct sunlight.
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  • Well, I guess they could have loosened a cable and didn't put it back in, but if the pin doesn't work, it seems like you have to replace it.

    Happened to me once to my CD-burner. But not *that* bad, I now got a DVD-burner... :p
  • I didn't even know about the hole. I guess you learn something new everyday!

    Try turning it off, and pressing the button repeatedly as you're doing so. My mums disc drive sometimes refuses to eject (she's got one like the wii does, that sucks the disc), and ejects at a certain moment in the shutoff cycle.
  • Will it eject via Windows software (ie right click the disc icon in Program Manager -> Eject)
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