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Re: Bundle... Can't choose custom installation path?

posted by Shellac BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 367 users
Regarding the Great Adventure Bundle 2010:

I read from one person's experience that the installer never prompted for a install path, and thus only installed games to their default locations. If I were to get the bundle, could I install the games where I please, such as my games hard drive, or is that basic freedom not provided?

If I couldn't choose the location, it'd be a deal breaker because my C: drive is for the operating system only. I'd be disappointed.
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  • I don't think you can choose a custom location, but you can always manually move the files over...
  • Yes, you can choose a custom installation path. I did. The first game I downloaded from the bundle didn't work until I uninstalled it and did a custom installation path, so I would actually recommend it. I always install my games to a game-specific folder on my hard drive.
  • I was having the same thought about installing it to a different location. But please be careful when you're trying to uninstall the Bundle. I encountered severe problems, i. e. a different program was uninstalled without even asking "are you sure you want to?" (see here).
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