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Which games should be in the next Great Adventure Bundle?

posted by Sarendor on - last edited - Viewed by 326 users
Post here your expectations and/or wishes for the games which should be included in the next Great Adventure Bundle!

If you don't think there will be another Great Adventure Bundle, please do not post it here and spoil the fun. This should not turn into a 'Will there be another Great Adventure Bundle' thread.

So, here are some games I wish/expect to see:
The Quest for Glory Anthology as the RPG/Adventure of the next bundle. It would also be great if the fifth game will be included too.
Either (or both!) of the Monkey Island Special Editions.
Bone 1&2 as the first unlockable game. (Although I hope much more for the series to continue, as this is my favourite computer game series!)
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures as the second unlockable game.
And one excellent adventure game of which I never heard before.

Have any other expectations and/or wishes? Share them here!
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