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Strong Bad's Cool Game for Steam not starting

posted by trogdor1oh1 on - last edited - Viewed by 306 users
I bought it a while back when Steam had the whole thing for $5 and I didn't get a chance to touch it until now, then I found out none of them work.

I tried all the episodes, they give the same thing: launch 'em, Steam says it's preparing to load, then the loading disappears and it's as if I didn't start the game at all.
Occasionally it would show the update news screen like as if I had just closed the game.

Then when I check the task manager while I load the game, it shows that the game is running for like a millisecond before closing down.
There was a thread earlier that had a prefs.prop file that was said to aid the problem, it didn't for me.
I even reinstalled Steam along with all of the Strong Bad games, no dice.

Yes it's only $5, but still I paid $5 for a GAME. A GOOD game at that. I'd sorta like to play it.
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  • No one has a solution yet? Steam's not giving me any useful advice either ._.
    It's really sad imo I really was looking forward to this game.
  • i ran into a similar issue with half life 2,
    not the same issue but a similar,
    i use a mac, and when hl2 was released on steam play i tried to download it
    essentially it downloaded but every time it tried to load it would say that the "server was busy" and the application wouldn't start
    i managed to get it working by fully reinstalling steam.
    unfortunately the regular steam install seems to leave a few folders untouched
    try doing an uninstall on steam, then searching for "steam", deleting all folders that come up, then reinstall
    best of luck!
    oh and remove all game files of things you've downloaded from steam first

    then reinstall
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I don't know much about steam, but that could be a specific issue... Do you have LUA installed by any chance?
    The environment variable LUA_PATH conflicts with the games and causes similar behavior, at least for the non steam versions.
  • Ya I had Lua installed, I just uninstalled it but it still doesn't work?
  • lolnub I read up on the whole enviromental variables thing, and I deleted LUA_PATH and no it still doesn't work D:

    I shall attempt other things.
    Sorry for double post
  • Bump, sorry for triple post, has anyone got a solution?
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