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I'm not sure if this a good idea for TTG!

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Telltale is really best at making adventure games! The Jurassic Park concept doesn't, for the most part, lend itself to adventure games! The best type of Jurassic Park game is one where you you get a bunch of different weapons and shoot at a bunch of cool looking dinosaurs! This isn't the type of game Telltale has made thus far and I'm not sure if they will start now! And Jurassic Park has, for the most part, no humor, so thats out! Unless your gonna spend you whole time running around looking for keys to open doors with dinosaurs chasing you or something, I don't really see what they can do with this!
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  • Why is everyone talking about the films? Michael Crichton was a brilliant writer.. Read Jurassic Park, Congo, Prey, Timeline .. Fantastic stories, characters & action ..which can be translated into a game.
  • Because the Telltale License is with Universal Pictures, not with Crichton's estate, maybe?
  • jp-30;380288 said:
    Because the Telltale License is with Universal Pictures, not with Crichton's estate, maybe?
    I think Crihtons estate still has a say in anything Jurassic Park. which is the reason it's been dormant for nine years, I could be wrong though.
  • thats a shame. the books were the true gold.
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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni
    Hero1;380667 said:
    Ohh I didn't realise this. There's a lot of great Cricton material in the books to be mined. Still the movies are classics, so I'm still looking forward to this.
    Don't forget, though-- that we are telling a new original story. So, though there may be great material in the books that could be mined, we don't really need that because we've developed our own original characters and storyline that fit within the canon of the films-- we've also been consulting with leading paleontologists for new scientific ideas to incorporate and add authenticity to the science part of our fiction.

    We won't be adding feathers to raptors (because the film has already established otherwise, unfortunately) but some other interesting dino-science has come to light in the last couple decades that we think is pretty cool and hasn't been touched by either books or films.
  • We won't be adding feathers to raptors
    Thank GOD!!! I can't wait to see what you guys are cooking :D

    If I might ask, will you be doing a "What do you want to see in the JP game?" survey like the one that was done for BTTF?

    As always, thanks in advance :)
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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni
    koiboi59;380844 said:
    malcom did survive we just don't figure it out til the second book.
    Forgot about that-- but still, the sequence of events that we have to consider is that of the movies.
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