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Will TT Engine be capable to render photorealistic graphic?

posted by Bloody Eugene on - last edited - Viewed by 8.7K users
I'm worried that the TT Engine will not be able to deliver high-end graphic that fully respect the high visual standard that the Jurassic Park brand needs. The movie was a milestone about this, but will the TT graphic engine be capable to render lights effects, enough polygons and detailed textures that the project needs?
When JP will be out, another game will be realeased and, although it's a different genre, it will set the graphic standard: i'm talking of Crysis 2.
How will it compare to JP?

The last photorealistic game TT did was CSI: Hard Evidence and although it has clean and nice graphic, it cannot compete with nowadays standards:

One of the two is Crysis 2... ;)

Of course all I've said is completely unnuseful if the plan is to release JP for Wii given its old hardware and its crappy and anachronistic 40mb limit...
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  • Yeah, all the flocking, running dinosaurs and the big sauropods look amazing from when Dr Grant first explores the island, and they're all in bright daylight.
  • Yes, I agree that practically every scene looks perfect, but I was just saying that if Telltale can't afford better graphics, they can always trick the lights to make it look better :)
  • Ah, okay. You're right.

    A bit off topic but one of the current games I'm playing is Doom 3 on my computer. That game is crazy dark but it really adds to the atmosphere to the game and it also hides some of the imperfections in the character modles.

    Telltale could take the same approach if need be.
  • Do remember that they work on their engine and improves it for every release. Like with Sam & Max: Season 3.. Have you looked at the detail level everywhere??


    compared to the first one:

    At least I put my faith in Telltale. They are known not to disappoint fans :)
  • that disk would never fit in a computer
  • russell19831983;372215 said:
    that disk would never fit in a computer
    I think I'm lost here...

    As for the graphics, they will be awesome in every sense.
  • I think they'll do just fine (check the 1:35 mark)...

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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    I think ya'll will be psyched when you see the first screenshots from the game. Not that I have any idea when that will be.
  • bubbledncr;381060 said:
    I think ya'll will be psyched when you see the first screenshots from the game. Not that I have any idea when that will be.
    Better show em' soon! :cool:
  • After watching that "Create a Scene" video, i'm hyped!

    As much as I love TT for reviving the adventure game genre (specifically Monkey Island), I always felt a bit let down by the graphics.

    I don't mean that in a "everything must look like Crysis" way. One of the things adventure games such as MI have always been known for is brilliant artwork (especially scenery), and although a lot of the modelling and animation from TT have been great, I felt the lack of modern day shaders let some of those games down.

    One example is the earlier mentioned CSI games. For a long while I actually preferred the older pre-rendered games over the newer ones as they were a lot more detailed, and the characters looked a lot closer to their live action counterparts. The latest CSI screenshots however look bloody good!

    Then there was ToMI. Although I loved the art direction, I felt the plastic-like shading made a lot of the characters look a bit awkward, especially when compared to MI2:SE (and by extension, the fully animated CGI teaser). With that said, the model for Tycho looks amazing! The cel-shading was done really well. Here's hoping ToMI2 take advantage of that and go for a more toony/painterly route.

    In short, i'm a lot more hopeful about the upcoming JP games. It's quite obvious by now that the TT engine is maturing at an alarming rate, so I feel there's no need to worry about the art direction. :D
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