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Game Series Storyline - Where should I begin?

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A while ago when the short offer for the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island was free, I got it and played it. I really enjoyed it and I couldn't pass up the recent offers that are up on Steam and telltale's official site.

So far I now own:

The secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge
Tales of Monkey Island: Complete Series

Which order am I supposed to play them in (if any)?

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  • I would definitely play Secret first, then Monkey 2, although you might want to play Curse in-between that and Tales. You'll miss a lot of references to that game if you don't.
  • I agree with what OzzieMonkey said, but I'd also recommend playing Escape as well. Many fans really dislike Escape, but I actually really enjoy it. So yeah, if you can get your hands on both Curse and Escape, then I would suggest playing all of them in chronological/sequential order. If you can't find them anywhere, then just play the ones that you have in order.
  • I played SOMI SE, then started straight onto Tales. Having familiarised myself with at least the plot of the intervening games, I had no trouble picking up the story, and was able to track down the other 3 games at great expense during chapters of TOMI.
  • Storywise, you really only need to play MI1, MI2 and CMI, and can theoretically skip EMI if you don't want to wait any longer. Because EMI is basically ignored more or less in ToMI, but the first three are essential if you want some kind of backstory on how they met and why they love/hate eachother and so forth.
  • Well, except for the Ultimate Insult and Guybrush's middle name of Ulysses (which is under the initial of "U") from "Escape", know what I mean?
  • You could theoretically just jump right into Tales but you might get more satisfaction from playing them in order. Plus, as others have said, there are references that you'd miss without knowledge of the backstory.
  • To be honest, you don't HAVE to play any of the games before ToMI. Tales does a very good job of introducing new players to the world of Monkey Island and explaining what's what and who's who.

    But, if you have other MI games and want to play them, you should play them in order. Though... I played the original games in order 4, 2, 1, 3, soo.... That doesn't really matter much.
  • Thanks guys! Sorry for the absence, I've just been a bit busy lately and decided to check up on this thread.
    Looking at the thread now I've so far decided to go ahead and play the games in the order I listed.

    I wasn't expecting such a good response, but thanks for the insights.
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