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Ideas for dialouge

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Post your ideas for potential dialouge in the game.

Heavy loses to tycho
(Heavy points his finger like a gun at Tycho)
tycho: Oh please threatening me with your invisible gun is not -
Heavy: POW!
(Tycho's head explodes)
Strong Bad: I may be a bit in over my head with this...
Max: Do it again! Do it again!

Edit: A competition to decide on the best suggested dialouge is now in progress. Here's the rules

1. You can nominate up to two snippets.
2. You cannot nominate yourself.
3. the top 5-10 willl be put into a poll and the a winner will be decided by puplic vote.
4. Their is no tangible reward for this contest. It's just a bit of fun. But maybe if Telltale takes notice...

P.S. You can nominate my enteries. Just saying ;)
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  • i suck at coming up with stuff so i'll give u guys inspiration: tycho and strong bad fighting. whoever comes up with the funniest gets cake.
  • Tycho: I hate you.
    Strong Bad: I despise you.
    Tycho: I loathe you.
    Strong: I abhor you.
    Tycho: Uhhhh... DAMN! I can't think of any more.
    Strong Bad: Yes! I win! Thank you, hidden thesaurus that I always keep in my pants for some strange reason!
  • (Strong Bad gets a flush)
    Tycho: Yes I got a flush
    Strong Bad: More like a flush down the toilet
    Tycho: You're one to talk
    Strong Bad: Hey I was trying to turn into a monster

    If you don't get the joke look at the sbemail unnatural disasters
  • StrongBrush1;380156 said:
    Tycho: So, Heavy. What do you do for a living?
    Heavy: I live at Gravelpit. I stand on giant mount outside Red Base and shoot at Blu team until chunks of baby men lie everywhere. What about you?
    Tycho: I sit around on my ass and play video games.
    Heavy: Yikes! You are dangerous!
    This conversation brings to mind a rather interesting point. In the Penny Arcade comic, Tycho plays TF2. As the medic (usually). Hmmm....

    I probably shouldn't dwell on this too long or my head will explode. :D
  • StrongBrush1;380171 said:
    Tycho: I hate you.
    Strong Bad: I despise you.
    Tycho: I loathe you.
    Strong: I abhor you.
    Tycho: Uhhhh... DAMN! I can't think of any more.
    Strong Bad: Yes! I win!
    I find it unlikely that Tycho, with his pretentious vocabulary, would run out of synonyms for "hate" faster than Strong Bad. Tycho would go into longer and longer words, and Strong Bad would have to start making words up.

    [/nitpicky fanboy]
  • ok my bad imagination has come up with one.

    Strong bad: read em' and weep boys. pair of abdi's. i mean aces.
    Tycho: ha, i got a straight!
    Strong bad: *chuckles*
    Tycho: whats that supposed to mean?
    Strong bad:nothing, nothing. *mumblings*ostriches *more mumbling*
  • Heavy: I have winning hand!
    Tycho: Oh, yeah?
    Heavy: Yes, I keep it in pocket.
    Tycho: You're admitting to bringing extra cards?
    Heavy: No, just extra hand. (pulls disembodied hand of Spy out of his pocket) See?
    Strong Bad: (grossed out) *urk* Well, there goes my lunch.
    Max: (scared) Right hand, did I ever tell you how much I appreciate you?
    Tycho: (also grossed out) I wish I had a hat so I could vomit in it.
  • Just a post of resurrection.

    Intro to Game:

    Epic Music.
    Heavy walks in holding Sasha.
    Max walks in holding Luger.
    Strong Bad comes in with Dangeresque Glasses and his Nunchuck Gun.
    Tycho walks in holding his FF200.
    They all sit at the table.
    Strong Bad: All right, guys, you've all played the tutorial before, so you know how this works. I better win this time, because there's no quicker way to turn off the hotties than being a terrible poker player man.
    (Flash card appears. Name: Strong Bad. Home: Free Country, USA. Most Valuable Item (MVI):The Cheat.)
    Max: I'm ready. Flint Paper once told me that bad cards are no reason to get beaten by a buncha humps. (Flash card. Name: Max. Home: New York. MVI: Luger)
    Heavy: You will be beaten. Best strategy against Heavy Weapons Guy? Do NOT bet against Heavy Weapons Guy. (Flash card. Name: Heavy. Home: Gravelpit. MVI: Sasha the Minigun.)
    Tycho: You better be careful. My first response to an inveterate raiser is to shove chips down their throat until they **** like a slot machine. (Flash Card. Name: Tycho Brahe. Home: Seattle. MVI: Div the Div-X Player)
    Strong Bad: Alright, Dealer man. Throw those cards at us.
  • Tycho: Remind me, Max. Are you the Max who died forever?
    Max (seductively): Would you like me to be dead?
    Tycho: ...The prospect is now vaguely tempting.

    Max: I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one who's made to kiss guys in fanfics. Those writers have no idea what Sam's breath is like.
    Tycho: I have read descriptions of parts of Gabe I had previously only assumed to exist.
    Heavy: WHY WOULD I BE LOVEY-LOVEY WITH MEDIC? HE IS LOUSY KISSER! ...Is what I have been hearing...
    Strong Bad (somehow doing a traumatized thousand-mile stare): Senor. Cardgage. There are no words. Oh wait, yes there are. JIBBLIE JIBBLIE JIBBLIE! (teleports rapidly)
  • Max: Okay, I've been meaning to ask: Does everyone here have a sidekick? All I've been thinking about since I left New york has been "What's Sam up to."
    (Cut to Sam, in a close-up)
    Sam: I wonder what Max is up to. (Zoom out. Sam is defending himself from ninja cats) BACK, foul beasts! BACK, I say!
    (Back to table)
    Strong Bad: You're not the only one, man. I hope Homestar's okay.
    (Cut to Homestar. He is tied up above a tank of water.)
    Homestar: Strong Bad? Little Help? I'm still trying to get out of this Houdini-ma-tron. Stro' Bro'?
    (Back to table)
    Heavy: Ah, How I long to be back at Gravelpit killing the tiny Blu baby men. I wonder how The Team is doing without me.
    (Cut to Gravelpit.)
    Robo-Heavy: I am Heavy Weapons Guy. This is my weapon.
    Scout: You're right, hardhat. It DOES sound like the real thing.
    Engineer: I thought so. It better work, though. We've got Company! (Bullets shoot at the team.)
    (Cut Back to table)
    Tycho: I'm worried about Gabe. Who knows what kind of wierd stuff he does when I'm not there.
    (Cut to Gabe)
    Gabe: Looks like the coast is clear. (Takes copy of Metroid Other M and puts it in his pants.) Mmmmmm...
    (Cut back to table)
    Max: Eh, they probably just wait for us to get back.
    Strong Bad: Yep. Uh-huh.
    Heavy: Agreed.
    Tycho. Yeah. That's it.
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