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Puzzle Agent Novel

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Pardon the Pun, but I had a "Novel" Idea. Why not take Telltale's next game and turn it into one of those crime Novels? So I got to work today and cranked out the first chapter of What I call "SCOGGINS: A Mystery Novel based on the Game 'Puzzle Agent.'" Here's a look at what to expect:

[CENTER]Chapter One[/CENTER]

"It was a very normal day in Washington, DC. The Potomac River was running out into the icy Atlantic, the national Memorials were drawing thousands of tourists, and there was absolutely nothing happening in the J. Edgar Hoover building, the home of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It was enough to make a man go insane.

Nelson Tethers was located in department Z9: the department of Puzzle Investigation. It was the most criminally boring job in the world. Every time that Nelson tried to get a case, the FBI told him the same thing: no.

Nelson, in a case of extreme boredom, had fallen asleep on his desk. His mind had a habit of playing tricks on him. In a moment of randomness, a strange someone, or something, had strolled into Nelson's office. He couldn't tell, since they were dressed in a astronaut's suit.

Nelson was pondering who this was, when the figure picked up a pencil and scrawled out a message in his crossword puzzle. Nelson was terrible at reading upside down, so he was trying to figure out what the paper said.

Suddenly, the figure slowly, but surely, lifted up his visor, revealing some thing so horrible, it caused Nelson to scream at the top of his lungs.

Then, he woke up, still screaming. He noticed that there was nobody there, but he had ripped his crossword puzzle to pieces. He put it back together, which revealed that there, in fact, was something written on it: the word “Scoggins.” Nelson paused. What could it mean?

Suddenly, the phone had rung, which surprised Nelson. They told him that he had received a case. The eraser company that had supplied erasers to the White House had suddenly stopped their shipment of erasers. The other divisions of the FBI had been assigned to question the halt, but all they were given as replies were mysterious puzzles, which made no sense to them.

They were sending Nelson to investigate this mysterious and abrupt cancellation. He was excited to be out in the field again, but he was shocked when they told him the location of his next assignment: Scoggins, Minnesota.

Nelson's head was filled with questions as he headed to Dulles International. What had happened at the eraser factory? What was with the puzzles that would be involved? Who was the mysterious man who had alarmed him about his mission? And would he get a decent meal on the flight? Little did he know that the truth was going to come up to him and put a gun straight to his pale temple."

Be honest about my writing and please respond. I'll finish it after the game is released.
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